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World’s first Selfie Museum Where You Must Visit

Visiting a museum is not a big thing! However, going to a museum where you are allowed to take pictures as well videos is really a kind of fun. Going to a museum is all about quietly looking at the paintings hanged over on the walls. After you have done with, you have to do is walk out of the museum in the same way.

Now have you ever visited a museum, where you are free to touch, play and even climb on the paintings and sculptures? You will be surprised or even shocked after you know about the island museum. Best is just to head towards the museum that is in Philippines’s capital Manila. The Art in Island museum is totally different from other museums. Here in the museum you are allowed to do, what other museums do not permit and because of this it is gaining much popularity. In this Selfie museum you will found 3D reproductions of famous paintings.

Visited a Museum

In Other museums you are not permitted to touch any of the belongings, it is strictly mentioned or before we enter the museum we get to know the rules and regulations to be followed after getting into the museum. Clicking pictures inside the museum is strictly prohibited. Because of all these you do not even have a single proof with you that you have been to the museum.

Clicking Selfies

Art in Island is the only museum where you can have full fun, by touching the belongings as well clicking selfies with the paintings. It’s a must visit museum for all.

Only Museum
Full Fun Museum
Philippines'S Selfie Museum
Sfirst Selfie Museum

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