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Wunderkind Rises Above Hong Kong “Occupy Central” Protest

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement leaders commenced early Sunday the “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” protest to defy Beijing’s decision to rule out democracy in the region.

Tens of thousands of people joined the mass protest in the heart of Hong Kong demanding China’s Communist leaders to let a fully democratic elections take place in 2017.2014-09-26T140805Z_01_HKG06_RTRIDSP_3_HONGKONG-CHINA

After taking control of the British colony in 1997, China promised Hong Kong that their leaders will chosen through universal suffrage, which means citizens above 18 have the right to vote the leader they want.

But last month, China passed a legislature that ruled out the right of the public to nominate their candidates; instead they want them screened by a committee consisting of Beijing loyalists. This incited the tensions.

When authorities tried to disperse the protesters, 60 people were arrested.

Among the first that were arrested was 17-year-old Joshua Wong, who Pro-Beijing media accuse as a U.S. government loyalist.wunderkind-rises-above-hong-kong-protest

He believes that People in Hong Kong are fed up with the issues of autonomy, infrastructure, education, and now the elections.

He is not the leader of the protest, but the eyes of the international press are set on him.

When he was 15, he founded the group “Scholarism.” When pro-Communist influence threatened to infiltrate Hong Kong educational system, this group was in the frontline of the mass protest to battle it.

Beijing tried to stop them, but with 120,000 people rallying against it, scholarism won.

He realised that young people can influence change on those in high and powerful positions.Picture 1

Wong does not like to be an icon, and he thinks it is not good to have a particular person to worship in a protest.

But news reports are focused on the youths in the forefront of the protest, and Wong is among the significant figures.

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