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You Know Nothing…. About North Korea

You may not be Jon Snow and you may have seen news about North Korea on TV. There are a lot of memes about its leaders on online social media platforms. You may think you know a lot about this country located just by the east coast of China, but you actually know little about it or none at all. It’s been called so many names. Condoleezza Rice called it an outpost of Tyranny, while George W. Bush called it the third of the axis of evil.

Here are facts about North Korea that are guaranteed to blow your mind:

  • Pyongyang has 2.843 million people, while the Houston, Texas has 2.195 million people, which the fourth most populous city in the US.if-north-koreas-capital-were-a-us-city-it-would-be-the-4th-most-populous
  • Literacy means 15 years old and above who can read and write. North Korea has a hundred percent literacy rate. Take that!north-korea-has-a-100-literacy-rate
  • There are only 28 hairstyles allowed in North Korea. Married women have different standards with single women. Young men can’t have their hair any longer than 5 cm, while older men can have their hair up to 7cm or 3 inches.there-are-28-state-approved-haircuts
  • The late Kim Jong-il spent $1.2 million a year on Henessy, while the average annual income there is somewhere from $1,000 to $2,000. kim-jong-ils-annual-cognac-expense-was-800-times-the-average-north-koreans-annual-income
  • He also owned a total of 20,000 videotapes, which will take three and a half years to watch if watched non-stop.additionally-he-reportedly-owned-20000-video-tapes-thats-about-3-12-years-of-movies
  • North Korea lost against Brazil in the 2010 World Cup, but they scored one goal.north-korea-scored-a-goal-against-brazil-in-the-2010-world-cup
  • At 120,538 square km, North Korea is about as big as Pennsylvania.north-korea-is-about-the-size-of-pennsylvania
  • The arable land in North Korea is just 8,722 square miles, almost the size of New Jersey.however-less-than-20-of-its-land-is-arable-thats-about-the-size-of-new-jersey
  • On average, North Koreans are 2 inches shorter than their neighbouring South Koreans. This is because of lack of food and malnourishment.north-koreans-born-after-the-korean-war-are-about-2-inches-shorter-than-south-koreans-on-average
  • North Korea has 1.190 million active military; meanwhile the US only has 1.369 million military personnel.the-number-of-people-available-for-military-service-in-north-korea-is-approximately-equal-to-the-population-of-senegal
  • 6 million people in North Korea need food and a third of this population are chronically malnourished.qatars-gdp-per-capita-is-57-times-that-of-north-korea

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