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Social media tips to drive branding, clicks and conversion


A recent study by Shareholic suggested that social media referrals now lead to 30 percent of website’s overall traffic.

This affirms the fact that effective media marketing helps to build a successful business. It is therefore imperative that you have a functional website and a working social media marketing strategy.
Here are a few tips you can use to boost your social-media marketing:

Your tweets should be custom-formatted
Custom-formatting your tweets is sure to catch readers’ attention. You can also tweak it with an emoji or a fun symbol, which you can simply copy and pate from

Write long posts
The advantage of long posts is that they provide sufficient and detailed information tor the reader. Social media platforms such as Google + and Facebook can allow you write longer posts unlike Twitter.
Long posts are also eye-catching, unlike single line or single paragraph posts.

Create Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are very important for marketing since they are places where members can easily opt in and receive direct notifications on updates.

Add call-to-action buttons to you posts
Inserted embedded call to action buttons will generate more customer leads. The buttons drive clicks and traffic and are therefore very necessary.

Do not restrict yourself to few social media platforms
Try to market across many social media platforms to help cast your net wider. You can easily convert your Facebook fans to Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections.

By sharing on many social media platforms, you will remain in the minds of your followers and even their friends too.

Encourage your customers to interact with each other
When your customers, clients and users interact with one another, you will create a relationship that will always reference you as a common interest. This will make their love for you brand to grow.

Crowdsource user-generated content
Crowdsource user-generated content and have powerful visuals. You can leverage platforms such as Pixlee to distribute and surface moments that promote your brand.

Be unique and humorous
Be a little weird by taking a few risks that can make your fans, friends and followers to admire your authenticity and laugh, smile and share. This will make the news about your company to spread very fast.

Be firm in your actions
To be a successful entrepreneur, you should know when to fire a bad customer without regrets. A good example is Liberty Bottleworks that last year responded to an unreasonable customer with a polite but an eviscerating reply. Since the company was honest, it won the admiration of many social media users and gained many new paying clients.

Look at the positive side of things
Always say something uplifting and positive about issues that your clients care about rather than joining the angry mobs. Social media users tend to follow those who post or share happier updates. People enjoy optimism and emotions are contagious.

Provide a structure of the expected responses
If you provide a format for the responses you expect from your followers, you will see how creative they can get and this will also make them remember you and your company. If you only post open ended questions without any guidance, you will only get a handful of replies.

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