Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover Plan: Real Results


Did you ever think about why few people succeed and many don’t? The reason is achievers ‘believe’ and many don’t.

My name is Adaline Melfort, an achiever of Michael Thurmond’s 6-week body makeover plan and your companion in this journey.

I learned this lesson when I succeeded in achieving my ideal weight of 145 pounds from 202, after feeling like a burden and losing hope many times in my journey. Losing weight is actually HARD, isn’t it? Well, you have me now as a guide.

In this article, I assure you one thing: I will equip you with all the wisdom and the right direction you need to lose those extra pounds and be your best self.

So, what is a 6-week body makeover plan by Micheal Thurmond?

6-week body makeover plan by Micheal Thurmond

The above package you see is exactly what you will get if you happen to purchase the Provida 6-Week Body Makeover Kit of Michael Thurmond’s Weight Loss program. This package comes to around 40$ on average over eBay and around 80$ on the official website.

Seems expensive, right? I got you covered! Let’s see what it includes inside the kit.

  • A skipping rope
  • Dining out guide
  • Body Makeover DVD
  • Meal plan books
  • A comprehensive step-by-step 3 guides for the 6 weeks

You are getting all of this after spending at least 40$ from your pocket.

I have a better solution than this for just 9$.

Creative cooking and recipes by Cheryle Boring, who developed a 125-recipe cookbook from her own experience with the 6-Week Body Makeover Program.

What will you get inside it?

  • 125 Handpicked Recipes
  • Hints
  • Tips
  • Success Stories
  • Access to measuring tools you need

Best Features I Found Most Helpful

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Calculated Portion Size
  • Important Midway Tips
  • Recipe Images
  • Nutritional Information
  • A Complete Guide To Stay On Track

Get Body Makeover Plan by Micheal Thurmond

How I lost 35 pounds in 42 (6 weeks) days?

6-week body makeover plan by Micheal Thurmond

When I heard about the 6-Week Body Makeover Program by Michael Thurmond I laughed. I told my friend Annie “No one can lose over 20 pounds in 6 weeks and you have got to be kidding me”

Then Annie showed me pictures of one of our mutual friends Jessica. I used to think she would always be overweight but seeing her glow up. My mind started rushing to learn everything about the 6-Week Body Makeover Program by Michael Thurmond.

Then being confused for over a week, I contacted Jessica directly who is now a comeback queen in my eyes. Jessica politely openly revealed how I got on this journey.

She suggested, that I first buy Creative Cooking and Recipes by Cheryle Boring because it offers a money-back guarantee and will save me money. It was a reasonable step to take.

I must tell you, as the cookbook arrived by Cheryle Boring. I was motivated, well-guided, and disciplined. I used to be like this in my school time, I got my spark of being able to believe myself again.

Will the 6-Week Program work for everyone?

People often stay in this doubt “Will it work for them or not” and I must tell you the truth. It is a bit dicey, you might or might not.

What is the differentiating factor?


In simple terms, your Reason. Your reason determines your level of obsession. The obsession cannot go unnoticed, or without outcomes. My reason was a bit to be fitter than the circle around me, I was done living in this constant misery.

You need guidance in this journey. I have shared with you what it takes and the reality of the 6-Week Body Makeover Program by Michael Thurmond. You have your own will with you.



You can be wise or go traditional. I attempted to give you an honest guide in your weight loss journey. I feel this is the best way to lose weight for everyone. Tips and tricks most importantly the list of 125 easy recipes. Visit the official website from here.