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Success Stories That Will Change Your Mind On Depression

Over 350 million people experience depression. You might be suffering from it and you might be losing hope right now. But there are people who became successful even while suffering from depression. They have proven that you can allow yourself not to let depression hold you back.

Let the stories of these successful people change your mind on depression:
1. Buzz Aldrin: After landing on the moon with Neil Armstrong he struggled with depression and alcoholism. After overcoming it, he became the National Association of Mental Health Chairman.


2. Terry Bradshaw: This sports analyst who is also former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback suffered depression. It was cured with the help of the right medication.


3. Sheryl Crow: Thanks to therapy and antidepressants, this Grammy awarded singer was able to overcome depression.


4. Ellen DeGeneres: She received backlash from her 1997 show “Ellen” and got depressed by it. But she was able to bounce back and became the bubbly talk show host that she is now.


5. Owen Wilson: He is very charismatic on screen, but he actually struggled from depression that even led to his 2007 suicide attempt.


6. Abraham Lincoln: He is considered as the most inspiring and influential leader in America. He suffered from depression, but he was still able to rise as a great leader.


7. J.K. Rowling: She was suffering from financial problems that led to her depression. She was depressed when she was writing the first Harry Potter book. Her depression even inspired the dementors in the series.


8. Doug Duncan: This Maryland politician suffered from depression and even used the condition for his campaign.


9. Tipper Gore: The former second lady suffered from depression that almost led to a fatal car accident with her son on board.


10. Gwyneth Paltrow: After giving birth, this Academy-Award winning actress suffered from postpartum depression. Her husband found the right treatment for her. Health guru Tracy Anderson even contributed to her recovery.


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