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Updated :Dec 7, 2023
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An introductory guide to our product review process and how we assign ratings.

How we score

Glozine reviews: how we test and review products

Writing product reviews can be quite challenging. Each reviewer possesses their own unique style and approach to evaluating a product, resulting in distinct reviews for the same product. Here at Glozine, we’ve developed a review program that aims to maintain consistency in our reviews while preserving the individuality of our reviewers. In the following section, we’ll provide a brief overview of our methods and clarify our rating criteria.

General reviewing

Our reviews prioritize real-life experiences with the product as their core focus. They are firmly grounded in the reviewer’s extended usage of the product, never relying on mere specifications or brief encounters. Whether it’s a phone, laptop, TV, app, or any other product, our goal is to seamlessly integrate it into our daily routines and provide readers with a genuine portrayal of its real-world usability.


Each product we review, receives a score that reflects a comprehensive evaluation. Our scoring process takes into account a range of factors, including performance, value, and subjective considerations. It’s important to note that our scoring system is not a simple weighted average; our editors have the discretion to make adjustments to the score in order to provide a more accurate representation of the product’s overall assessment. This includes considering aspects such as price and other qualities that may not fit neatly into rigid rating criteria.

It’s essential to understand that the score assigned to a product should be seen as a snapshot in time. This score is relative to other devices available at the time of the review’s publication. If the same device were to be reviewed six months later, for instance, it might not receive the same score due to changes in the market or the product itself.

It is possible for us to modify a review’s score after its publication, primarily because of software updates or other alterations. However, we have had to do this exceptionally infrequently, and in such cases, we will consistently provide an explanation for the score adjustment.

While we believe that our 10-point scale is generally easy to understand, here is a brief guide outlining our interpretation of the numerical values. All review scores are assigned whole numbers, and we have discontinued the use of half points or decimals when rating a product.

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