Breaking the Silence: Beducated Tackles ‘Quiet Quitting’ in Relationships

Beducated is the biggest pleasure-based sex education platform on the internet.

Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :Jan 1, 2024
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(Munich, Germany / December 27, 2023) — Beducated CEO Mariah Freya is shedding light on the emerging relationship trend of ‘quiet quitting’ in a new Toronto Sun article, as the phenomenon, characterized by a partner’s gradual emotional disengagement and avoidance of open communication, is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern relationships.

Freya, whose popular digital platform offers a variety of sex-ed courses promoting pleasure and wellness, explains, “Quiet quitting is often mistaken for a softer breakup approach, but it can be more damaging. It’s a form of emotional withdrawal that leaves the other person in limbo, often feeling gaslighted and at fault.”

This passive approach to ending relationships, as Freya notes, can stem from emotional avoidance or anxiety about confronting relationship issues. “They often avoid open conversations, neglect responsibilities and especially avoid vulnerable moments together. This ‘fading out’ process deliberately manipulates and destabilizes the other person’s perception of reality… yet the ‘quiet quitter’ believes they are doing something good by not just breaking up, but by slowly distancing themselves.”

Freya clarifies that reasons for such behavior can be emotional avoidance, emotional stress and anxiety about facing the consequences, but says that open dialogue is always the best resolution to ending relationships – or, if possible, saving them.

“With the help of a health professional like a counselor or a therapist, navigating a complex dialog and salvaging the relationship is possible. But only when the quiet quitter is open to confront the situation. They need to be willing to work on themselves and have to have feelings left towards their partner. Also, the one being gaslighted requires support in healing the emotional abuse and can build up
trust again.”

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Beducated is the biggest pleasure-based sex education platform on the internet, with 100+ courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration. The library hosts thousands of lessons and extensive learning materials curated by world-class sex educators, coaches, and experts.

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