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Looking for the perfect cat litter box? Check out our comprehensive guide to the best options on the market. Make litter duty a breeze!

Author By Gintarė Šafigulinaitė
Updated :May 17, 2024
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Discover the gold standard in feline hygiene with our meticulously curated list of the top 10 best cat litter boxes. Handpicked from a sea of choices, these litter boxes have passed rigorous testing stages and have proven themselves by enhancing the quality of life for both felines and their human companions.

From standard designs to top-entry models, and even to innovative automatic versions, our selection is diverse enough to meet the unique needs of your beloved pet. Our top pick, the Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box, stands out for its BPA-free composition and smart design.

We’ve also included other exceptional options that might align with your cat’s preferences and your lifestyle. Trust us to guide you in finding the perfect litter box that combines functionality, cleanliness, and comfort, setting a new norm in pet care.

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes




Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Practical Design: Easy access with high sides.
  • Eco-friendly: BPA-free, recyclable plastic.
  • Effective Usage: Reduces litter scatter and keeps surroundings clean.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Easy cleaning with soap and water.
  • Convenient for Cats: Extra-large size for comfortable movement.
  • Produced by Experts: Designed, tested, and approved by Chewy.
  • Happy Pets, Happy Parents: Ensuring a joyful experience!

Bottom Line

The Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box by Chewy is a paragon of thoughtful design and practical usability. Its features are its high sides, accommodating size, step-in design, and eco-friendly materials. These features combine to offer an effective solution to common issues such as litter scatter while providing convenience for both the cat and the owner.

It’s not just a litter box it’s an enhancement of your pet’s comfort and a testament to sustainable pet care. This product is backed by the assurance of being crafted by seasoned pet experts at Chewy, further ensuring its supreme quality and reliability.

Review: Ciara

Much better

“I replaced my guy’s with these and he really loves them. No more accidents just outside of the box. He has space to turn around and has returned to covering his 1s & 2s like a gentleman. For context, Poofy dude is 13 healthy lbs and isn’t super long but definitely a little bigger than some of the cats I’ve met.”




Iris USA Open Top Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Modern and practical litter box design.
  • Innovative features for easy cleaning.
  • Perfect fit for any space.
  • Dimensions: 19″L x 15″W x 11.75″H.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Includes matching litter scoop.
  • Chic black color.

Bottom Line

The IRIS Open Top Litter Box is a blend of innovative design, practical features, and modern aesthetics. More than just a litter box, it’s about the comfort, cleanliness, and convenience it offers to both the cat and the owner. Its thoughtful design elements — quick accessibility, high sides to prevent scatter, easy cleaning, and suitability for all spaces — set this litter box apart. Backed by the trusted IRIS brand, it assures quality, durability, and a superior experience for your pet.

Review: This food is disgusting. Never buying cheap again.

Not Long Enough

Style: Open Top – Black

“This litter box is great for the price. She tracks waaaaay less litter, it’s sturdiness is great, and fits perfectly in the bathroom nook. The only complaint I have is the length. It’s wide enough but the length could be better. Not recommended for more than 1 cat.”




IRIS Square Top Entry Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Modern style, square shape.
  • Premium top entry design to prevent litter scatter and contain spraying.
  • Grooved lid with a large entryway to remove litter particles from the cat’s paws.
  • Easy maintenance: Fit a regular garbage bag for convenient cleaning.
  • Includes feature to hang the included litter scoop.
  • Dimensions: 17.25″L x 17.25″W x 14.63″H, suitable for single-cat use.
  • Available in white/gray for a stylish and modern look.
  • Made from high-quality, durable plastic.

Bottom Line

The IRIS Premium Top Entry Litter Box excels in blending modern style with practical functionality. This box isn’t just about containing litter, it’s about the control, cleanliness, and superior handling of the litter by your cat that sets this product apart. The box features a premium top-entry design to minimize litter scatter and a grooved lid to clean litter off your cat’s paws.

It also offers easy maintenance with its ability to fit a regular garbage bag. Convenient storage is provided with a unique design to hang the included litter scoop. Backed by the trusted IRIS brand, this litter box promises quality, durability, and an unmatched experience for your cat.

Review Daniel Grover

HELPS to keep the dog out of the cat poo!

Style: Large Top Entry

Color: white/navy

“I like this litter box. I ordered it, not just because it’s a cleaner, neater option, but it also helps to keep the dog from eating from the litter box while I’m at work.
It is well built, sturdy, and a smart option for any cat owner.”




IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • A distinctive, modern top-entry design provides your kitty with the much-desired privacy.
  • Crafted from BPA-free and high-quality plastic material.
  • Designed to prevent litter scatter and keep dogs at bay from the cat’s business.
  • Rounded corners and non-skid rubber feet for easy cleaning and stability.
  • Durable and capable of handling up to 20 pounds in weight.
  • A practical and smart choice for cat owners keeping their furry friends’ happiness in mind.

Bottom Line

The IRIS Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box is not just a litter box – it is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, innovation, and functionality. Its unique top-entry design and BPA-free construction not only ensure privacy for your cat but also maintain cleanliness by preventing litter scatter.
This litter box is easy to clean, stable, and durable, with a weight limit of 20 pounds. It takes a step beyond keeping dogs out of the cats’ business, making it a practical choice for multi-pet households. Backed by the trusted IRIS brand, this litter box guarantees a safe, robust, and exceptional experience for your beloved cats.

Review: Cluckadoodledoo

Best solution to cat litter all over floor

Style: Large Top Entry

Color: Black

“This is genius. Both cats just stared at it for a couple of days – from then on in it’s their preferred cat litter box. No more litter pawed over the floor – their heads look out the top when they are going, it’s so sweet! Don’t think about it, get it! I’ve tried them all”


whisker-litter-robot-4 w/step-cat-litter-box


Whisker Litter-Robot 4 w/Step Cat Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Modern style, oval shape.
  • Advanced self-cleaning feature: Drastically reduces litter box odors and manual scooping.
  • Safety and Comfort: Safe Cat system with Omni Sense Detection and a wider opening for enhanced cat safety and comfort.
  • Smart and Connected: Monitor litter box usage and receive health insights via the Whisker app.
  • Anti-tracking design: Included fence accessory minimizes tracking and litter spillage.
  • Multi CatTM design: Suitable for up to 4 cats.
  • Superior Odor Control: The Odor Trap system neutralizes stubborn litter box odors.
  • Quiet Sift Cleaning Cycle: Ensures silent and continuous clean-up.
  • Enlarged waste drawer: Facilitates easy maintenance.

Bottom Line

Whisker Litter-Robot 4 w/Step Cat Litter Box is the embodiment of innovative design and thoughtful engineering. This product isn’t just about reducing the chore of litter scooping; it’s the enhanced control, cleanliness, and superior handling of litter management that sets this product apart.

From smart connectivity to superior odor control and safety features, this litter box promises an exceptional experience for both the cats and their owners. Backed by the trusted Whisker brand, this litter box ensures quality, durability, and an unmatched experience for your feline friends.

Review: Kristina

Less Stressful

“My new kitten took right to it. It’s quiet and slow, which is great for cats that spook easy. It even managed to fix itself after my kitten continuously climbed back in during the cleaning cycle. It’s definitely worth the money…even using unscented litter you’d have no idea that there was even a cat in the house it keeps the area so clean smelling.”


modkat-flip-litter-box Kit


Modkat Flip Litter Box Kit

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Brand Highlights

  • Ultra-modern front-entry design
  • 3-position lid for privacy
  • A seamless base prevents leaks
  • Rip-resistant reusable liner
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • Free interactive cat toy
  • The brand cares about sustainability and cat’s happiness

Bottom Line

Modkat Flip Litter Box Kit represents a unique blend of innovative design and thoughtful engineering. It goes beyond just a litter box; it’s about superior control, cleanliness, and adaptability that make this product stand apart.

From its unique 3-position lid to the leak-proof design and durable, reusable litter liner, this litter box promises an exceptional experience for your feline friends. Supported by Modkat’s reputation for quality, this litter box ensures durability and an unparalleled experience for your cats.

Review: Ping Hung

Great product and excellent customer service

Pattern Name: Single Item

“This was my second time ordering from this seller. I had previously ordered one litter box. We (my kitties and I) were very pleased with the product. The litter box is well made and thoughtfully designed. I recently ordered two more but only received one. I contacted the seller, and they immediately sent me one, with no question asked. I highly recommend their product and would like to compliment their customer service.”




Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

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Brand Highlights

  • Modern design, practical shape with warm gray color
  • Easy access: Paw-safe front door that is easy for cats to open, prevents litter from spilling
  • Efficient cleaning design: Large hood lift for easy access, built-in bag anchor for hands-free scooping
  • Odor control: The filter on the top door removes odors, and can be used with Catit Ammonia Buster to absorb up to 80% of hazardous ammonia gases (replacements sold separately)
  • Convenient and leak-proof: Raised back to prevent spills, overlapping construction to prevent leaks
  • Sustainable and safe: Made from BPA-free materials

Bottom Line

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is the embodiment of innovative design and thoughtful engineering. It’s not just about the functionality; it’s about the control, cleanliness, and superior handling of feline waste that sets this litter pan apart.

From the unique front door design to the odor control feature and user-friendly cleaning, this litter pan promises an exceptional experience for your cats. Supported by Catit’s reputation for quality, this litter pan ensures durability and an unparalleled experience for your felines.

Review: Bettina T Murphy

Best Litter Box

Color: Warm Gray

Style: Litter Pan

“I bought this as a second one since I just got a kitten. It’s my second Catit box. After trying numerous other ones, I decided to get another one of these because it is easy to clean, no leaks, and the lid with the swing door keeps some of the dust contained when they are in there going to town.”




Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Chic and minimalist design, compact shape for limited spaces.
  • Integral additions: scoop, dustpan, and hand brush, ensuring efficient cleaning.
  • User-friendly design: Suitable for large cats or smaller (up to 20 pounds).
  • Versatility: Optional Shelter, an 8″ partition for better litter management.
  • Durability and cleanability: Manufactured from double-walled thick matte plastic with a rubber base that ensures longevity and ease of cleaning.
  • No liners required: Simplistic cleaning process, just empty and wipe down.

Bottom Line

The Cove Cat Litter Box exemplifies advanced design coupled with meticulous engineering. It’s about more than just the basics—it’s about the control, cleanliness, and superior management of your feline’s waste that sets this litter box apart. This litter box offers a convenient scoop, dustpan, and hand brush, along with optional Shelter and easy maintenance, ensuring exceptional litter management.

Additionally, the Cove is characterized by its durability, made from robust materials that assure longevity. This elegant solution for your cat’s needs is backed by Cove’s commitment to quality, promising a seamless and effective experience.

Review: Andre Broussard

A definite upgrade.

“My cat was just using a litter pan for a while and it was a real chore to sweep up litter every day. This litter box solved the problem in style! I also love that the scoop and broom compartments are removable for easy cleaning! 🧼”




Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box

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Brand Highlights

  • Sleek, rectangular design: The Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box seamlessly fits any decor.
  • Privacy and cleanliness: High walls and a covered top contain spraying, providing a private and clean potty spot for your feline.
  • Convenient features: Quick scooping with a removable lid and a detachable scoop holder.
  • Customization options: Choose with or without an inner litter tray based on your feline’s needs.
  • Environmentally friendly: BPA-free, recyclable plastic for eco-conscious pet parents.
  • User-friendly: Wide, low-profile entrance for easy access for cats of all sizes.

Bottom Line

The Frisco Multi-Function Covered Cat Litter Box is more than just an ordinary litter box—it’s the embodiment of thoughtful design and practical engineering. It stands out for its privacy provision, cleanliness attributes, easy maintenance, and customizable options.

This litter box is not only pleasing to the eye but also respectful of our environment. Crafted to enhance the bond between pets and their parents, this product is backed by the assurance of Frisco, a brand that is dedicated to creating more joyful moments for you and your pet.

Review: Festus

Enclosed litter box from Frisco

“I have several cats and always find myself sweeping up litter that has been knocked out of the box, so I decided to try one of these boxes, well I ended up ordering three because the cat’s seemed to like it better and I sure did as it cuts down on the litter getting out on the floor.”




Purina XL Litter System

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Brand Highlights

  • XL Design: Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System for multi-cat households.
  • Unique Litter: Non-clumping, odor-controlling, easy to clean.
  • Easy Maintenance: Grated tray, removable drawer for no-touch pad change.
  • Smooth Transition: Gradual plan for cat comfort.
  • Sustainability: Minimizes waste, monthly pellet replacement, and weekly pad change.

Bottom Line

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Odor Control & Easy Clean Multi-Cat Box is a standout in cat litter solutions. It combines thoughtful design with practical engineering, prioritizing both cleanliness and ease of use for pet owners.

The system’s unique litter properties and maintenance features simplify pet care tasks, while the transition guidance ensures a hassle-free switch for your feline friends. This product is not just an effective litter box, but a testament to Purina’s dedication to creating an easier and more enjoyable pet care experience.

Review: Samantha

Best cat box
Size: XL
Color: Multi
“I love this cat box. I had the smaller one but when I saw this on sale, I knew I had to upgrade. I have two male cats and as long as you dump their number two daily, it doesn’t smell at all. Best litter I’ve ever used.”

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Box?

When selecting a cat litter box, consider these key factors: the size, wall height, and style of the box.

Every cat requires a litter box that matches their size. Larger cats need bigger boxes to avoid feeling confined. If your cat often leaves behind waste outside the litter box, it probably means the box is too small.

The height of the litter box walls is also crucial. A litter box with sides that are 5 to 7 inches tall is usually adequate to prevent litter from spreading outside the box. However, if your cat typically sprays urine high or scatters litter, you might need a taller-walled box. Some cats might prefer a litter box with a roof for more privacy, but others could find it restrictive. It’s important to figure out what your cat is most comfortable with to prevent accidents outside the box.

Lastly, the style of the litter box matters, especially if it is placed in a visible location in your home. Many pet owners opt for neutral colors and sleek designs. If you want a more discreet option, consider furniture-style boxes that double as a side table or similar functional piece.

Why Trust Us?

Your trust in us is paramount, and here’s why you can rely on our recommendations for the best cat litter boxes:

Extensive Research:

Our team carries out exhaustive market research, combined with diligent product evaluations. We analyze customer reviews, scrutinize specifications, and assess the reputation of the manufacturers in the pet care industry.

First-Hand Experience:

Our Reviewer has lived with cats for over 20 years, accompanying feline companions from kittenhood to adulthood and beyond. This journey has involved testing litter boxes of varying shapes and sizes, ensuring that our knowledge is not merely theoretical but also based on personal experience.

Industry Expertise:

With our extensive background and years of experience working with pets and pet care products, we ensure our information is up-to-date, accurate, and directly relevant to you and your pet’s needs.

Unbiased Recommendations:

Adhering to strict editorial guidelines, our advice is impartial and unbiased. We prioritize your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget over everything else.

Veterinary Insights:

We have consulted veterinarians and animal behaviorists from top-ranked veterinary schools in the country. Our recommendations are backed by expert insights into which litter box features are most beneficial for cats.

With our unwavering commitment to comprehensive research, hands-on testing, and industry knowledge, you can confidently trust our recommendations to guide you toward the best litter boxes on the market.



Choosing the right cat litter box is a crucial part of ensuring your feline friend’s comfort and hygiene. From our meticulously curated array of the top 10 best cat litter boxes, each model has its unique benefits catered to specific needs and preferences. From the BPA-free Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box to the convenient Purina XL Litter System, these options represent the gold standard in pet care.
Trust in our rigorous selection process and consider the diverse features each product offers. By prioritizing your pet’s needs and your lifestyle, you are sure to find the perfect litter box that combines functionality, cleanliness, and comfort, setting a new standard for pet care excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What type of litter box is most preferred by cats?

A. Different cats have different preferences when it comes to litter boxes. Many favor open-top boxes that offer ample space and good airflow. However, some may prefer enclosed options for greater privacy. The optimal design is 1.5 times the length of your cat. To determine your cat’s preference, you could consider placing different types of litter boxes in various rooms.

Q. What is the suitable litter for an automatic litter box?

A. Among various models, the ‘Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer’ stands out as a highly recommended choice. It offers impressive pressure, a sizeable detergent tank, and is lightweight and user-friendly, making it ideal for a range of home cleaning tasks.

Q. How much does a pressure washer cost?

A. Certain automatic litter boxes necessitate a specific type of litter for optimal functionality. For instance, Petsafe recommends using their proprietary crystal litter with the Scoopfree self-cleaning litter box, whereas Litter-Robot 4 requires any clumping litter. If unsure, it’s best to consult the manufacturer.

Q. Which is the most hygienic cat litter box?

A. The best litter box should be spacious, accessible, and easy to escape from. It should be at least 1.5 times the length of your cat for them to move comfortably. High sides or fully enclosed boxes might make some cats feel trapped and be avoided.

Q. Can a litter box be too large?

A.No, larger litter boxes are fine as long as they are kept clean. The main concern is having a litter box that’s too small.

Q. Where should a cat’s litter box be placed?

A. The litter box should be in a quiet, secluded area away from household traffic to make your cat feel safe and comfortable. Avoid placing it at the end of a hallway, or near their feeding area.

Q. How often does a cat use their litter box?

A. Most cats use their litter box up to six times a day, urinating two to four times and defecating once or twice. Daily cleaning of litter boxes helps you spot any behavioral changes that hint at health issues.

Q. What is the recommended number and size of litter boxes?

A. Generally, it’s recommended to have one litter box per cat, plus an extra one. Each box should be large enough for your cat to dig and bury waste comfortably.

Q. How frequently should the litter box be cleaned?

A. Experts recommend scooping the litter box daily and cleaning it with soap and water every four to six weeks.

Q. Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?

A. Some cats might feel intimidated by covered or hooded litter boxes. Consequently, most cats accept open-topped litter pans.

Q. Why is my cat urinating outside the litter box?

A. There could be numerous reasons, such as dissatisfaction with the size, design, or location of their litter box, or even health issues. To minimize this, ensure your cat’s litter box is placed in a location where they feel safe and comfortable.