6 Tips on How to Make New Friends on Your First Jobs

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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2016

Friends are among the most essential requirements for a human to live happily on earth. No one has wish of being lonely person in their lifetime. Friendship is even much more important in workplace. It promotes effective teamwork and success in most work activities. It also promotes effective communication between the employees and employers which is a great virtue for an organization. In most cases, most people manage to make professional relationships but did you know that you can turn that relationship into personal friendships? Below are some simple tips that you need to have:

1. Doesn’t hurt to smile

There is nothing ugly as an ever frowning face. Your facial expression sends a lot of bad signals to the surrounding people. Most people fear socializing with people who are ever serious and have no reasons to put a smile on their faces. Therefore, if you want to make it easy for people to talk to you, work on your facial expression. Sometimes you do not have to do the talking; Let your face do the communication for you. Some beauty specialists say that smiling contributes greatly to the formation of wrinkles but frowning makes it worse. On the contrary, a beautiful smile can hide age effectively.

2. Avoid overdoing things

As you get to a new environment, it is obvious that you need to adopt some new values that will help you adapt to it. However, these characteristics must appear real in order for people to accept you. Well, it’s okay to change some of your characteristic but make sure you do not become an extremist. If you have to fake smile, make it appear real because there nothing as bad as being identified as a pretender. Avoid smiling to hard because it the lie inside it can be noticed and might cause wrinkles too. Do everything new to you with moderation and with time, it will become part of you.

3. Reduce shyness

Reduce Shyness

Shyness is a natural feeling of lack of confidence to do something that most people who have not been exposed to different environments experience. It is something that is within a person but can be done away with using psychological training. This psychological condition is an enemy to friendship since it never gives a person a room to interact freely with other people. It is a bad feeling that reaps a person all the confidence they need to overcome certain situations. Take the challenge of approaching your new colleagues with faked courage and just say hello to them. This way shyness will fade off slowly bringing out a self-confident person.

4. Be original

Most people have failed in life due to trying to live the lives of other people. In simple words, be yourself and never pretend to be what you are not. More emphasis should be put on this because psychologists have proven to be hard to maintain a different person in you. The most sad thing is that your colleagues will always know when you are lying and will avoid you for being too shady. It is always good for people to accept you for who you are.

5. Be mature

When people are in high school, they are always in fear of insecurities and this in turn limits the degree of socializing. In your new work place, do away with those insecurities and approach people with more optimism. You are no longer a teenager and that makes you smart enough to be able to identify any insecurity a mile away. Interact with people from different groups freely and focus on making them your friends.

6. Focus on learning from your colleagues

Focus on Learning from your Colleagues

Sometimes we can be over-confident and often do things the way we want. Well, you may be truly smart but this may intimidate your colleagues causing them to separate you in their struggle to outdo you. Always ask them what they do and work together as a team. This will enable them to accept that you are smart in certain area and will often call you when they have a challenge. Most importantly, it will cement your friendship. Beware of the misleading colleagues.

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Generally, friendship is a basic need that every person requires for better survival in the world. Some may come naturally but most of them require working for them. The above tips can guide you on how to make friends. Initiating intimate relationships at work can enhance your overall productivity.

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