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Signs of Sleep Deprivation You Don’t Know About

Yes, you have a big ambition, but that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your sleep and work literally round the clock. There are sleep deprivation signs that you might not know about. These signs are wake up calls that you need to dream and sleep more.

Here are secret signs that you are actually sleep deprived:

When you immediately fall asleep

You may think that you had a hard days work, which is why you sleep immediately after hitting the bed, but this actually means you are sleep deprived or you have sleeping disorders.

When you easily give in to impulses

Sleep-DeprivationYou used to be disciplined when it comes to food. But when you notice that you give in to those sweet temptations easily, it probably means you lack sleep. Less sleep leads to bad judgement, making you more impulsive.

If you slur, stutter, have a monotonic speech or often use clichés

The frontal lobe, which is responsible for your speech, is greatly affected if you lack sleep.

When you are becoming more forgetful

Lack of sleep makes it hard for your brain to create memories. This makes you forgetful.

You feel hungrier than you normally do

Sleep deprivation affects your leptin and ghrelin, which are hormones that can increase your appetite.

When you lack concentration

Sleep deprivation leads to lack of focus and difficulty in making quick decisions. This can lead you to poor work production or worse, accidents.

You are clumsier than ever

Lack of sleep ruins your motor skills. Jennifer Lawrence’s clumsiness is natural though, and it makes her look cute.

You have more arguments with your partner

Lack of sleep makes it hard for people to handle conflicts. It increases the chance of you and your partner to fight over small things.

Spacing out

Spacing out means you lack sleep, it can lead to dangerous situations, like car accidents.

You doze off each opportunity you get

When you are in a long flight or watching a boring movie, then you suddenly fall asleep, then you definitely are sleep deprived.

Basically, when you feel like a zombie, you are sleep deprived. Feel alive again; rejuvenate yourself by simply sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day.

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