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Winter Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

Winter is all about dry skin, biting winds, steamy showers, drying indoor heat and dipping temps. They make skin so dry which causes cracking, flaking and bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of your hands, feet and face. To prevent winter air from taking away your skin’s life there are many simple tricks and tips to keep your skin supple and moist all throughout winter.

Tips for Healthy and Smooth Winter Skin:

1. Moisturize more: Apply a good moisturizer after bathing to lock water into the skin. Use a thick moisturizer within a few minutes after taking bath. Moisturize frequently and maintain healthy skin. Always use an ointment or a cream in winter. Don’t ignore your hands, apply cream made especially for hands after every wash. Wear waterproof gloves when getting engaged in cleaning or dish washing.


2. Keep the thermostat lower: When it’s cold outside, you want to crank up the heat. But you are making the air in your house drier. Set the thermostat up to 68°F to 72°F, this comfortable setting helps to maintain healthy skin.

3. Choose a right cleanser: Avoid using soaps that contains irritating scents and ingredients. It makes your skin dry, itchy and flaky. Choose a moisturizing gel or cleanser that is free of fragrance and can prevent skin problems during winter. Stop the use of bar soaps and avoid lathering on your genitals, hands, feet and armpits.

4. Take a Lukewarm shower: Hot shower dries out your skin by taking away its natural oils. Although you want to take a long steamy shower in winter, but to prevent your skin from excessive drying take a five to ten minutes lukewarm shower.

Take a Lukewarm shower

5. Apply sunscreen daily: During winter it’s equally important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or above is very effective. Before going out apply this on all exposed body parts to stay safe.

6. Bring home a humidifier: Run a humidifier in your office and home. It will add moisture to dry air in winter and keeps your skin moisturized. Use it in the rooms you spend your most of the time and off course in your bedroom.

7. Eat right to stay hydrated: You can make your dry skin healthy with the help of proper foods and supplements. Flaxseed oil and fish oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Snack on brown rice, quinoa, garlic and onions when your skin feels dry and tight. Aromatic veggies and whole grains contains selenium which improves your skin elasticity.

Eat right to stay hydrated

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