How To Stay Motivated To Keep Fit?

Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :May 24, 2024
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Exercising is the best way to maintain good health. Moving your body would make you feel less exhausted, less stressed and more alive. Many people are aware of this but they find it difficult to exercise. Some start and practice for a short while, get bored and eventually stop. But exercise is fun. Once you realize this, you can find yourself pushing harder than you could imagine. The harder you push yourself, the greater the high and sense of achievement you attain afterwards. It is really hard to keep yourself motivated to exercise, but with these tips, you can achieve your goal:

Start Slowly

You have not been exercising for long, then you see someone doing over 10 or 20 laps in the field, you feel you can do the same. You end up doing 3 – 4 laps then you start panting like an antelope, you feel so discouraged and give up everything. The secret is to start slowly and to compete with yourself; not anybody else. There is no harm in starting even with just one lap in a day. Too many people stop because they push themselves too hard at the beginning and decide that exercise is too exhausting, painful and impossible.

Exercise Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

When you start exercising you body will not be ready for it, and you will always be looking for excuses not to exercise. But you will realize that whenever you force yourself to exercise, you will feel a great sense of satisfaction afterwards. If anything, no one ever regrets going for a workout.

Do Away With The ‘Relax Here On The Sofa’ Bug

It is always easy to lump yourself on the sofa with a remote control in your hand watching TV or movie. And the excuse is, you are either tired or you just don’t want to go out because “it is cold”, “it is beginning to rain”, “you are hungry”, etc. The best you can do to yourself is to get out of this bug, the time you are wasting arguing with yourself on the sofa is enough for you to go out and come back.

Put Your Trainers On

The first step in helping you get out is to put your trainers on. After that, just walk out of your door and close it behind you. You will find it very difficult to go back to the house. Putting on your trainers also shuts out the ‘relax here on the sofa’ bug.

Buy Some New Training Kit

New and stylish training kit will motivate you to go for a workout. If you associate training with an old and ugly grey track suit and an old T-shirt, you are not going to associate it with anything positive. But if you like your training kit, you will want to go out and show it off. And it is quite inspiring when you look at yourself in the gym mirrors and like what you see.


In conclusion, maintaining good health through exercise requires motivation and consistency. Starting slowly and competing with yourself, rather than others, helps build a sustainable routine. Exercising even when you don’t feel like it ensures that you push past initial reluctance and enjoy the sense of satisfaction afterwards. Avoiding the temptation to relax on the sofa and instead taking small steps like putting on your trainers can significantly improve your commitment. Additionally, investing in stylish and comfortable workout gear can boost your enthusiasm and confidence. By following these tips, you can turn exercise into an enjoyable and rewarding part of your daily life.

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