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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Wondering what the 10 best cancer hospitals in United States would be for 2018? Well, you can relax and go through the list underneath for the best 10 of the 50 best cancer hospital rankings; hospitals that made it from a total of almost 1,000 cancer treatment centers..

What is Cancer?

It is a disease that results from an abnormal cell division or growth of the body. Simply put, if the cells start to grow out of control, then it is cancer. It comes up when the mechanism that controls the body stops working and old cells in the body grow out of control because they do not really die, thereby creating extra cells which choke normal cells and invariably turn to tumors (a mass of tissue). Cancer can begin its growth in any part of the body and this growth is fast and spreads rapidly to other parts of the body. This is advanced cancer and it is known as metastatic.
Cancer signs and symptoms are usually seen in areas where cancer exists. The effects of cancer can be both physical (pain, nausea, fatigue) and emotional (fear, depression, anxiety). There are various types of cancer such as cancer of the breast, colon, liver, stomach, blood (leukemia), lungs, and cervix and so on.

In men, cancer like prostate cancer is common and usually requires advanced prostate cancer treatment, while breast cancer is common with women. Thankfully, information on breast cancer facts is in high circulation so as to curb the disease. The blogosphere is populated with cancer blogs by professionals providing high-quality content as a way of creating cancer awareness. A lot of breast cancer hospitals like Mayo Clinic for instance, also offer online education on varied health issues, including cancer as well. Mayo Clinic is part of the best cancer hospitals in US for 2018.

Other very common cancers include brain cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer.

For this treatment, there are best brain cancer hospitals that are specialized in such treatments. The cure for lung cancer is equally experiencing some breakthroughs. Lung cancer treatment is done with surgery and may or may not be combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Esophageal cancer is another common cancer in the United States particularly among the whites with links to smoking and alcohol consumption as the cause. Esophageal cancer treatment is usually done with surgery after chemotherapy and for advanced esophageal cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is involved.

In the United States, cancer diagnosed is estimated at over a million cases of which more than 50% of that population is likely to die from cancer. It is therefore expedient that you locate the best cancer hospitals in US for proper cancer diagnosis and eventual treatment. Also, good cancer awareness is vital so as to avoid the disease if possible or manage it where early warning signs of cancer are obvious.

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How to Prevent Cancer

One of the best ways to fight cancer is to prevent it. There are cancer fighting foods that can reduce the risk of cancer, so you might have to add this to your diet. This should be done with the help of a dietician. Some of these foods include; garlic, green tea, bran cereal, broccoli, eggs, etc. they also serve as a diet for cancer patients as well.

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What to do when Diagnosed with Cancer

Of course, the cancer diagnosis can only be detected through a test and it is the responsibility of a doctor to find out the kind of cancer that exists in the patient’s body in order to correctly ascertain a cure for cancer or the type of treatment to recommend. There are various ways of treating cancers; such treatment could be through surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy depending on the type of cancer.

Cancer is not ultimately a death sentence, even for advanced cancer but knowing your treatment options is important. Apart from conventional treatments, other alternative cancer treatments are available at your disposal offering the best alternative medicine for cancer. There are best alternative cancer treatment centers in the world that are also committed to providing a cure for cancer.

So, keep tab of the best cancer hospitals of United States to help detect early warning signs of cancer and start treatment immediately.

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You can get best cancer treatments hospitals in U.S that is sure to put you through the necessary procedure for the treatment of any type of cancer a patient is suffering from. This act is as important as the treatment itself because there are cases of doctors who have unnecessarily cut off women’s breast, carried out surgeries or chemotherapy not needed. These are not necessarily a function of unqualified doctors, radiation therapists, dieticians or what have you. The fact is that treatment can be complicated and erroneously delivered. A small decision can result in a fatal outcome. So, you might want to be sure that you are using one of the best cancer hospitals of United States.

List of Top 10 Best Cancer hospitals in the US for 2018

According to the US news and world report ranking, here is a list of some of the top cancer hospitals of United States to get the best of medical treatment for cancer-related causes. The best cancer hospitals in US include;

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Centre, New York City-
  • MSK cancer center specializes in the treatment of every type of cancer for both adults and pediatrics.

  • University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston
  • With over 27 years in the business of treating cancer and listed in the top cancer hospital rankings, M.D. Anderson is a cancer center to visit.

  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mayo Clinic is a renowned world-class cancer center. It offers medical professions the opportunity to refer patients, as well as medical education to residency

  • Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Centre, Boston
  • They have 12 specialized cancer treatment centers offering advanced cancer treatment, with medical experts from one of the world’s leading hospitals and cancer institute.

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
  • John Hopkins is one of the best cancer hospitals in US. This is a center for providing world-class medical solutions to cancer problems. They specialize in the treatment of up to 40 different types of cancer.

  • University of Washington Medical Centre, Seattle
  • This is an ultra-modern cancer center with a comprehensive care in cancer treatment

  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • With a no 4 ranking at the 2017-2018 cancer hospital rankings, this hospital is nationally ranked in 16 adults and 3 pediatric specialties.

  • UCSF Medical Centre, San Francisco
  • This teaching hospital ranking is listed on the Honor Roll of best hospitals. It is ranked 5th position in the 2017-2018 hospital rankings.

  • UCLA Medical Centre, Los Angeles
  • This hospital specializes in the treatment of more than 10 cancer cases. It is rated 7th place and is ranked as one of the best cancer hospitals in US.

  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, California
  • This hospital has a state of the art building with a central focus on the treatment of cancer. It is a one-stop location for cancer treatment. It ranked no 9 at the best hospital honor roll.

The Cancer treatment centers listed above are 10 bests of the 50 ranking cancer centers to make the top 10 Best cancer hospitals in US. Please always remember the secret to surviving cancer of any kind is early detection and treatment.

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