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Consistency can make you live a healthier life

Consistency helps us to stabilize. Without it, our days would fall to chaos, and we wouldn’t be able to conduct our business or manage our time well.

Consistency is also important for our diet and fitness routines as well.

In two separate studies, researchers found that people who are served the same meal every day end up eating less calories each day than people who have a variety of foodstuff. This phenomenon is referred to as habituation, or getting used to repeating stimuli.

This is not to suggest that you eat the same meals every day at the same time, but rather to suggest that you have a particular pattern to follow.

For example, you can have a sandwich with cream cheese or peanut butter for supper, vegetables and either beef, chicken or fish and a side such as rice for lunch, and be consistent with dinner; eat fruits including grapes, berries and apple.

The key issue here is to have balanced meals throughout the day so you don’t go beyond your calorie goal. The trick is to form a baseline and slowly get into the habit of eating healthier foods at every meal. Eventually you will find yourself being able to play with the formula.

Start by incorporating recommended servings of vegetables and fruits into your diet and be consistent until you find it easy.

You also need to be consistent with the times you eat so that you can form a healthy eating habit. If you do this, you body will adapt and you will be less likely to snack.

Exercise is also important for a healthy lifestyle, and the same principle applies. Form your baseline; try repeating a heart-raising activity for 10 to 20 minutes everyday until you become habituated to it. You can then increase the exercise time or go for a more challenging exercise.

If you treat exercise as a challenge, it will become fun and you will no longer feel like you are exercising but rather like you are playing a game.

As Tonny Horton puts it, improvement and change occur when you do things often. He also said that starting and stopping kills any momentum that you need to succeed.

Consistency and productivity go hand in hand provided you continue making small improvements. It helps in building a healthier lifestyle and the same time a healthier business.

For example, a business can never pick up if you keep on changing your products or services. You need to be consistent s as to build a strong customer base.

A study published in Population Health Management in 2012 reported that those whose diets consist of whole grains, fruits and vegetables are 66 percent more likely to be more productive than those on poor diet.

It also reported that employees with regular fitness routines have 50 percent higher levels of productivity than those who do not exercise frequently.

This means that whatever you do, you need to be consistent for it to have a positive impact in your life. Don’t start then stop and don’t keep changing from one activity to another.

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