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Find Out The Truth Behind Male Enhancement Supplements

Sexual dysfunction in men refers to a problem occurring in the sexual response cycle which prevents a man from experiencing maximum satisfaction from sex. A lot of men with sexual dysfunction suffer in silence, as they believe issues regarding poor performance in sex is taboo and thus cannot be openly discussed. Thing is, most men tie their ego to better performance in bed and when they do not deliver as per their expectations, their ego gets a big blow and consequently their self-esteem. All is not lost for men with sexual dysfunction as most forms are treatable and manageable, but it has to come from people sharing their concerns first.

Problems That Men Face

Most of the sexual dysfunction can be attributed to two main causes; namely physical and psychological conditions. Some physical conditions that can cause sexual dysfunction include diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, neurological imbalances, chronic diseases such as liver failure or kidney failure. The sexual dysfunction may also result from lifestyle choices such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

When it comes to psychological factors that may cause sexual dysfunction, work related stress features high as well as concern about performance in bed, Relationship problems have also been shown to contribute towards sexual dysfunction. Depression, guilt and past sexual trauma can also cause sexual dysfunction.

The most common sexual dysfunction problems include ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction as well as inhibited desire for sex. Men of all ages may be affected by sexual dysfunction, depending on the factor causing the dysfunction. There is however a higher incidence of sexual dysfunction in men above the age of 40.

Male Enhancement

Male enhancement is a term that refers to the use of techniques or products that make the male sex organ bigger or products that help man with sexual dysfunction enjoy sex. Male enhancement may also help serve other functions such as boost semen production and increase endurance during sex. Male enhancement has been shown to be an effective way to address sexual dysfunction.

Research has shown that some male enhancement techniques which are used result in broadening of the male sex organ in both length and width. These exercises employ traction which stimulates mitosis of the male organ cell tissues, thus a resultant increase in length and girth.

Most male enhancement products on the other hand fix sexual dysfunction by using natural products that have been used for ages to boost the flow of blood to the genitals. Herbs such as ginseng and ginkgo biloba are among some of the most popular ingredients in most male enhancement products. These products come high in supplements such as zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium as well as antioxidants which allow the reproductive system boost semen production as well as expand the corpora carvenosa reservoirs in the male organ (these are the reservoirs for blood). As a result of the large reservoirs, large and frequent erections result. Male enhancement products address the underlying problems such as low libido as well as the specific cause of the sexual dysfunction.

Since male enhancement products make use of natural ingredients as opposed to over the counter prescription drugs, side effects are unheard of. This compared to prescription drugs such as Viagra which have a myriad of side effects such as headaches congestion as well as blurry vision. Male enhancement products are designed to aid a return to normal of sexual function through increased blood flow to the reproductive system, increased nutritional nourishment which gives a boost to sexual health which tends to be permanent.

Male enhancement supplements are thus highly recommended as opposed to over the counter prescription meds. One great product to try out is Virectin. This is a male enhancement product that boasts of a potent mix of natural ingredients that restore normal sexual health function. Among the ingredients listed in it include; Zinc, Epimedium, Avena, Sativa, Caltrops, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, and Tongkat Ali. This is a mix of natural herbs and nutrients that have been shown to naturally boost sexual function.

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