Secrets of Beauty: Are Men Really Attracted to Natural Beauties?

Natural vs. Glam: Delve into the age-old question of what men find most attractive in women – is it the au naturel look or the magic of makeup? Discover the truth here!

Author By Lily Kungu
Updated :Dec 14, 2023
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According to the research, having plastic surgery can make a woman more attractive to others. Not only do others find them more likeable, but also women who have gone under the knife tend to have greater social skills and are more trustworthy.

This means they develop higher self-esteem and feel much better in their own skin, which is later channeled through their behavior and interaction with others.

However, the question remains – Are men more attracted to natural beauties?

The Male Opinion

The society that we live in has become rather superficial, and all under the influence of the media. Social media, television, movies and all those supermodels have put a lot of pressure on the common people.

Everyone is admiring the flawless physique of supermodels, and gorgeous skin of singers, and actors. The ideal nose, the amazing buttocks, flawless cheekbones and perfect lips are rarely natural nowadays, but rather created thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation is one of the first cosmetic procedures women have undergone in order to improve their physical appearance. However, when you ask men how they feel about the fake bust, a majority would say that they only look amazing. However, once they touch them, the feeling is rather unsettling and incredibly awkward.

Nothing like one when they feel natural breasts. Nevertheless, men are and always will be attracted to a beautiful female cleavage regardless of it being natural or with implants.

When it comes to facial procedures, such as, face-lift, lip fillers, rhinoplasty and soon to be the most popular cosmetic surgery in Perth – otoplasty, if the procedures have done in the way that only emphasizes the natural beauty, men would say women do look more beautiful than before. According to research published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, in which men were given a “before and after” photo, showed that they said women who have gone under the knife looked much prettier than before the surgery.

On the other hand, those women who tend to go overboard and don’t know when to stop with the surgeries, end up with devastating result. Not only are they faced with a disturbing outcome, but also have much less chance to be attractive to men. Donatella Versace, Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan are the perfect examples of too many surgeries that led to an unattractive appearance.

What about Makeup?

Women have never been putting more makeup than they do now. Makeup industry is at the peak of its productivity, continuously offering new products that will emphasize the natural beauty of a woman. Or so the commercials say.

When a woman applies all of those primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, blushes, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks and crayons, there’s not much of natural beauty left, is there?

Not to mention the various contouring techniques that require at least 10 different products, building up on the face in order to create a natural look.

Let’s not fool ourselves, a porcelain face that a woman gets as a result to all the contouring can’t be further from the natural look.

This is precisely why men are not big fans of makeup. They prefer a woman who looks as natural as possible. As far as they’re concerned, the less makeup the better.

If a woman must put some of the products, men feel they look gorgeous with only a little bit of mascara, blush and a lip balm. This is the closest to a natural bluishness women used to have in the time before makeup.

Too much product on the doesn’t attract men, but looks fake and too pompous.

Overall, men are equally attracted to both natural beauties and women who have undergone some cosmetic procedure. We couldn’t really generalize, because every man is an individual and has certain preferences.

What we could say is that makeup or no makeup, natural beauty will never go out of style.

Lily Kungu