Yoga For Lower Back Pain: Easy Poses for Daily Relief

Yoga For Lower Back Pain can help alleviate discomfort and enhance flexibility. Learn easy poses and start your journey to a pain-free back.

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Updated :May 31, 2024
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A Brief Overview

The niggling pain that affects millions of people globally if not alleviated can make routine activities impossible ergo affecting the quality of your life. The only good news is you are not alone in this battle. The bad news?

The way we live today is a cost in most cases directly linked to little or no physical activity, eating the wrong sort of foods, and spending time seated hunched down over screens too long.
Luckily there is a ray of sunshine — yoga. A holistic way to treat lower back issues Yoga is an ancient practice, which treats the body as a whole, thereby…..

6 Reasons Yoga Is More Than Just Exercise

6 Reasons Yoga Is More Than Just Exercise

Yoga is more than just stretching and exercising. It is a lifestyle that balances the body, mind, and spirit. As much as yoga has been studied and proven to be beneficial in terms of physical benefits (like flexibility, strength, balance, etc), the magic is happening on levels that are beyond just how we move.

Yoga has been proven to

Help with weight loss and better blood flow – Doing yoga every day can help you maintain a healthy weight which is an important part of back pain. Better blood circulation provides your muscles with oxygen and essential nutrients which ensures a faster recovery while relieving pain.

Boost mental health– yoga has a mindfulness aspect as well, and it seems that breathing activities have been seen to reduce stress anxiety, and depression. Chronic stress can make pain worse and long-term management of it is important for overall health.

Improve memory and aid brain function — Further studies propose that even more cognitive stimulation can come with practicing yoga as opposed to training exercises.

Modern Lives, Modern Backs: The Wreckage of Daily Life

The truth is simple: The human body loves movement. But if you go to work in a modern office, your upbringing probably leaves out one vital component: movement.

As a result that inactivity along with tight, postural muscles causes the hamstrings to be the strongest and weakest among their opposing muscle groups.

Over time, this also causes your hamstrings to tight which translates into PAIN and awkwardness in the body through a constant pulling on your lower back.

Let us look at how it is the daily habits that cause lower back pain:

Too much sitting: Prolonged periods of sitting can put enormous pressure on your lower back, which not only pushes the discs together but also tightens up the hamstrings. This may result in stiffness, pain, and sometimes pinched nerves.

Physical inactivity: A sedentary lifestyle can weaken the muscles and core of your spine, increasing your risk of injury.

Bad Body Posture: Slouching on sitting, standing, or walking makes your body out of alignment which puts unnecessary pressure on your back muscles.

Poor diet: lack of nutrients and being overweight can worsen back pain. When your diet is filled with processed foods and lacks the vitamins & minerals it needs, you give no love to your body tissues.

How Can Yoga Reduce Your Back Pain?


These poses help to:

Physical Benefits of Improved Flexibility Lengthens muscles and corrects imbalances that are often caused by incorrect posture Strengthening these new muscle lengthened muscles, will help the body to move better Functions of yoga for flexibility, it starts to stretch tight hamstrings and other back muscles mentia reduce tension According to the findings, a strong set of core muscles provides better support for your spine.

Better posture: The emphasis on alignment in yoga can be one of the most efficient ways to reverse years of bad posture. This will reduce stress on your back and improve your posture overall.

Improved blood circulation: Yoga asanas reinforce circulation, bringing important oxygen and nutrients to your back muscles and aiding in the recovery of worn and painful tissue.

Stress management: Has already been discussed as a factor that can exacerbate pain. Yoga — Mainly, the mindfulness and breathing techniques helped in aiding relaxation & stress management which in turn only can reduce its bad effects on your back and arms.

Key Points Before You Start:

We know that yoga is a safe and effective way to manage your lower back pain however, this does not mean you should practice with abandon.

Hear your Body: Listening to the signals of your body is very important. If you feel any pain in a pose, stop and change the way you are doing it, or even do another asana instead.

Pace yourself: Do not go crazy and start with high thresholds, build up from a stable point, and go slow. Start with some simple yoga sequences for beginners and gradually increase complexity and duration as you build up strength and flexibility.

Get help from an expert tutor: Opt for a yoga teacher who can tell you the correct way to hold and position your body in the poses know that proper form is essential to perform this asana correctly.

Your doctor: If you have pre-existing conditions, particularly sciatic or disc issues, it is critical to consult with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice.

Yoga Poses

So, assuming you are free from spinal and lower back issues; healed fully as per your physician’s advice for Yoga poses. — here are one or two simple exercises that anyone can do at home by themselves without equipment to reduce common mild pains in the lower back region and can be done daily!

Yoga Poses

1. The Cow Pose – Bitilasana

It is a mild means to heat your backbone and regain command over your breathing. This is a movement that can be done before the Cat Pose and is part of an introductory exercise in Pilates. It relaxes the spine and the entire muscles of the back.

2. Fire-Log Pose – Agnistambhasana

Fire-Log Pose

While this is a mild stretch, it does open up the back and hamstrings while challenging your hip positioning. It is also great for your piriformis muscle (this is the little guy that assists with sciatic pain).

3. The Locust Pose – Salabhasana

The Locust Pose

This is a beginner’s preparation exercise to build strength in your torso, lower back, legs, and arms. This prepares you for deeper back bends and more loaded lower back exercises.
This is only a few basic beginners poses you can do to reduce lower back pain and strengthen the muscles that have caused your discomfort.

However, it is important to remember that a sedentary life, lack of physical activity, and incorrect body postures can not be compensated for by doing some Yoga asanas.


Living with low back pain is no way to live, but there is help! Yoga is an effective and safe way to manage back pain by treating the root causes, ie — tight muscles, weak core, and bad posture.

An all-encompassing methodology, this care not only heals the body physically but also provides peace and calm mentally thereby reducing stress.

Remember, consistency is key. Heating the lower back in pain will allow mobility and adequate relief, and change your life for good by doing and maintaining yoga practice regularly.

You can do it as long as you listen to yourself, get started slowly, and seek the help of a certified trainer if needed.

Yoga poses like Cow Pose, Fire-Log Pose, and Locust Pose can be a wonderful beginning point; however, always keep in mind that yoga is all about progress — not perfection.

By committing to practice in the way in which yoga is intended, you can access the power that restores health to your body and mind.

Don’t let back pain restrict your life — welcome yoga into your world and regain a sense of control over your health.

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