DIY Sun Tracking Device Reviews: Does It Fit For Your Solar Need?

Looking for a sun tracking solution? Check out our comprehensive review of DIY sun tracking devices to harness maximum solar energy.

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Updated :Feb 7, 2024
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In the realm of gardening and plant care, ensuring your flora receives the ideal amount of sunlight is crucial for their growth and well-being. However, with the sun’s course changing throughout the day and the unique characteristics of your garden, maintaining consistent exposure can be quite challenging.

That’s where the DIY Sun Tracker Device comes in – a game-changing solution meticulously designed to maximize sun exposure for your plants. This innovative gadget employs cutting-edge technology to eliminate the guesswork, promising to keep your garden bathed in the perfect amount of sunlight throughout the day.

By intelligently tracking the sun’s movement and adjusting its position accordingly, the DIY Sun Tracker Device ensures that every plant in your garden receives its fair share of sunlight. Gone are the days of worrying about your plants not getting enough or too much sunlight. This device takes care of it all!

In the following review, we will delve into the product’s features, performance, and overall value. We’ll explore how this remarkable gadget seamlessly integrates into your garden, providing unparalleled precision and convenience. With our comprehensive analysis, you’ll be able to ascertain if the DIY Sun Tracker Device is the ultimate light-finding solution your garden needs.

Experience the difference, and let your garden thrive under the optimal rays of the sun with the DIY Sun Tracker Device.

What is DIY Sun Tracking Device?

The DIY Sun Tracking Device is an innovative tool specifically designed to optimize the harnessing of solar energy by precisely tracking the sun’s path across the sky. By continuously adjusting the position of a photovoltaic panel to face the sun throughout the day, this device ensures the maximum absorption of sunlight, resulting in enhanced energy production.

With its user-friendly design and easy installation process, this system can be effortlessly constructed and seamlessly integrated into existing solar panel setups. The device incorporates advanced sensors and algorithms that precisely calculate the sun’s position, allowing it to make precise adjustments in real time. This level of precision maximizes the efficiency of each solar panel in the system, further enhancing overall electricity production and promoting sustainable energy utilization.

By taking full advantage of the abundant solar resources available, this device enables individuals to make a significant contribution towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future. It empowers users to tap into the immense potential of solar energy, reducing reliance on non-renewable sources and minimizing the carbon footprint. With its exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency, the DIY Sun Tracking Device is a game-changer in the field of solar energy technology, revolutionizing the way we harness solar power.

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Understanding The Mechanism


The DIY Sun Tracking Device is a revolutionary system that allows you to harness the maximum potential of solar energy. By precisely aligning your solar panels with the sun’s position from east to west, this device ensures that your panels are constantly exposed to sunlight, thereby increasing the efficiency of your off-grid solar system.

To achieve this precise alignment, the device utilizes a sophisticated controller that actively directs the panels to follow the sun’s movements across the sky during daylight hours. This controller not only ensures optimal positioning but also adjusts the panels in real-time to account for any changes in the sun’s trajectory.

In addition to the controller, the device incorporates a magnet tracker, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the perfect alignment of the solar array. This tracker can be either a passive fluxgate model or a linear tracker, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Regardless of the type, the magnet tracker works in tandem with the controller to continuously rotate the solar array, ensuring that it always remains face-to-face with the sun.

The beauty of this system is its compatibility with any off-grid solar setup that uses standard 12V batteries. Whether you have a small residential system or a larger commercial installation, this device can seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. However, it is worth noting that deep-cycle marine batteries are the ideal choice for optimal performance and longevity.

With the DIY Sun Tracking Device, you can take your off-grid solar system to new heights, maximizing energy production and reducing your reliance on the grid. Embrace the power of the sun and unlock the true potential of solar energy with this innovative tracking solution.

What’s Inside The Guide?

The DIY Sun-Tracking Device guidebook offers comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions to help you build your device. It includes a step-by-step video tutorial, making it ideal for those who may not be confident in their handyman skills. The guidebook also features detailed insights on how to source inexpensive or free parts, like a car hub for your solar tracking device, which would otherwise cost over $400. The program further elaborates on the best tools and materials to use for the longevity of your device and reveals optimal sourcing locations locally and online. The instructions are detailed, and the guidebook includes crucial time and money-saving tips for the building process. Also encompassed within are safety tips to ensure a secure assembly process. The DIY Sun Tracking Device guidebook is filled with colorful pictures, diagrams, detailed dimensions, and clear explanations of each step, designed to make the construction process as simple as possible.

Comparison With Other Energy Sources


Solar Energy

Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable resource that derives power from the sun. It leaves minimal environmental footprints, with significantly lower emissions compared to fossil fuels. Technological advancements are reducing its cost, but its weather dependence can be limited. Nonetheless, solar excels in scalability, empowering communities, and reducing reliance on centralized power grids.


Coal, the kingpin of traditional energy, provides reliable electricity but at the cost of diminishing sustainability. Its extraction and combustion harm the environment, pollute waterways, and pose risks to public health. Moreover, coal’s heavy geopolitical footprint ties nations to resource-rich countries.

Natural Gas

Natural gas, often considered a cleaner alternative to coal and oil, has moderate emissions and stable costs. However, its sustainability is limited due to its finite supply. The extraction process, such as fracking, raises environmental safety concerns and potential water contamination. Reliance on gas brings geopolitical uncertainties, as energy security depends on gas-producing countries. Although its power plants are reliable, the long-term viability of natural gas is overshadowed by dwindling reserves.


Oil, the lifeblood of our modern world, fuels economies and provides reliable energy. However, its non-renewable nature and environmental impact raise concerns. The volatile market and geopolitical implications also add risks.


Hydropower, a reliable and low-emission energy source, harnesses the power of rushing water. However, its sustainability depends on careful water management and responsible dam construction. While dams provide benefits like flood mitigation and irrigation, they can also disrupt ecosystems and displace communities. Despite challenges in finding suitable locations and ongoing maintenance, hydropower remains a valuable renewable energy source in regions with responsible development practices.


Nuclear energy, a reliable power source with low emissions, faces safety concerns and challenges in radioactive waste disposal. Accidents and proliferation risks make it a high-stakes energy option. Technological advancements improve safety, but public perception and environmental considerations are key for its future.

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What Are The Pros and Cons?


  • Easy to Follow: The instructions for building the sun-tracking device are straightforward to understand. Even beginners will find the guides accessible, as they break everything down into simple steps.
  • No Special Tools Required: To build this device, you do not require any specialized tools. You can construct it with items that you probably already have at home. If not, you can purchase the necessary materials for a nominal sum.
  • Simplicity: The simplicity of this DIY project sets it apart. Even if you are new to such tasks, you can build this device with ease. It’s designed in such a way that it doesn’t require perfection on the first try.


  • Requires Basic DIY Skills: Despite the simplicity, this project does require a basic understanding of DIY methodologies. Specifically, you’ll need to know how to properly solder electrical equipment. This may necessitate some prior experience or learning before starting the project.

Usability & Maintenance

The DIY Sun Tracking Device is designed with user-friendly features that make it easy to use and maintain, even for individuals with no particular skills in this field. The product comes with an eBook and instructional video, detailing clear and straightforward steps for constructing and setting up the device. Throughout the use of the device, it exhibits excellent durability, notably its ability to withstand windy conditions. This speaks to minimal maintenance requirements. As for usability, users can expect reliable and extended power production from the solar trackers, contributing to a significant reduction in energy costs and dependency on electricity. The usability and maintenance protocols of the DIY Sun Tracking Device are, therefore, characterized by its beginner-friendly nature, durability, and effective performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the main purpose of the DIY Sun Tracking Device?

A. The DIY Sun Tracking Device is designed to optimize the harnessing of solar energy. It does this by tracking the sun’s path across the sky and adjusting the position of a solar panel to face the sun throughout the day.

Q. How does the DIY Sun Tracking Device contribute to environmental sustainability?

A. The device enables individuals to harness solar energy more effectively, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and minimizing the carbon footprint, which contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Q. How does the mechanism of the DIY Sun Tracking Device work?

A. The device utilizes a sophisticated controller that actively directs solar panels to follow the sun’s movements across the sky during daylight hours. It also features a magnet tracker that works with the controller to continuously rotate the solar array for maximum sunlight exposure.

Q. Can the DIY Sun Tracking Device be used with any off-grid solar setup?

A. Yes, it is compatible with any off-grid solar setup that uses standard 12V batteries. However, for optimal performance and longevity, deep-cycle marine batteries are recommended.

Q. What resources are provided in the DIY Sun Tracking Device guidebook?

A. The guidebook offers comprehensive instructions to help you build your device, including a step-by-step video tutorial, insights on sourcing inexpensive or free parts, advice on the best tools and materials to use, safety tips, and more.

Q. Is the DIY Sun Tracking Device difficult to build?

A. Even though some basic DIY skills, such as soldering, are required, the device has been designed to be easy to build. The instructions are straightforward and the required tools are standard ones you might already have at home.

Q. How does solar energy compare to other sources of energy?

A. Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and leaves minimal environmental footprints. While it does depend on the weather, it excels in scalability and reduces reliance on centralized power grids, unlike other energy sources like coal, natural gas, oil, hydropower, and nuclear energy.

Q. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the DIY Sun Tracking Device?

A. The device is easy to follow, doesn’t need special tools, and is simple to construct. However, it does require a basic understanding of DIY methodologies and specifically, knowledge of how to solder electrical equipment.

Q. What is the maintenance protocol for the DIY Sun Tracking Device?

A. The device is designed to withstand windy conditions, indicating minimal maintenance requirements. Its durability and performance effectively contribute to extended power production and a significant reduction in energy costs.

Q. What can I expect from the DIY Sun Tracking Device in terms of energy production?

A. The device enhances the efficiency of your solar panel system, resulting in increased electricity production. This means you can expect reliable and extended power production, significantly reducing energy costs and dependency on electricity.


To sum up, the DIY Sun Tracking Device emerges as a groundbreaking answer to optimize the utilization of solar energy to its fullest potential… Its precision in tracking the sun’s trajectory, user-friendly design, and easy installation process make it an exceptional tool for any solar energy enthusiast. With the detailed guidebook and video tutorials provided, constructing the device is a feasible project for even a novice DIY-er. The device’s notable durability and low maintenance requirements further add to its appeal. While it does require some basic DIY knowledge, the overall benefits it offers make it worth the effort. Whether you’re seeking to optimize a residential or commercial solar setup, the DIY Sun Tracking Device presents an opportunity to maximize efficiency, contribute to environmental sustainability, and ultimately reduce energy costs. It truly is a game changer in the realm of solar energy technology.


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