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Explore audio perfection in our Focal 100 OD6 Speaker Review. Learn why these speakers redefine excellence with unmatched clarity and precision.

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Updated :Feb 7, 2024
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Focal 100 OD6

Focal 100 OD6

The Focal 100 OD6 is an outdoor loudspeaker that combines cutting-edge technology and robust construction to deliver exceptional audio quality in all weather conditions. Its high-density, UV-treated polypropylene cabinet, and IP66 certification attest to its superior resistance to extreme weather, water, and dust.

The 100 OD6 employs Focal’s renowned technologies, ensuring the delivery of high-fidelity sound outdoors. The speaker is straightforward to install and position, thanks to its reinforced notched assembly bracket and 180-degree rotation system.

Available in a black or white ready-to-paint finish, the 100 OD6 offers both performance and aesthetics, catering to a variety of tastes. With its high impedance, it allows the connection of two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output, further showcasing its versatility.

Audio Quality

The Focal 100 OD6 stands as a testament to audio excellence, outdoors. This outdoor loudspeaker integrates Focal’s renowned technologies to deliver high-fidelity sound even in the most challenging weather conditions. Its IP66 certification, an international standard, underscores its resistance to extreme weather, dust, and water, ensuring no compromise on audio quality. The 100 OD6 is designed for easy installation and flexible positioning, with a 180-degree rotation system. Now, let’s talk about the audio quality itself.

The 100 OD6, with its high impedance of 8 ohms, offers the capability to connect two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output. This feature provides a powerful, immersive audio experience that stands out. The sound generated is crisp, clear, and true to the original recording.

Whether it’s the subtle nuances in a melody or the pulsating beats of a rock concert, the 100 OD6 reproduces every note with amazing clarity and depth. This audio quality, synonymous with Focal’s reputation, ensures a solid and practical performance that brings your music to life, outdoors.

Design and Installation

The Focal 100 OD6 outdoor loudspeaker is designed with an attention to detail that is evident in every facet of its construction. The UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene damping cabinet not only speaks volumes about the product’s durability but also its ability to withstand various weather conditions.

The product holds an IP66 certification, an international standard that testifies to its robust resistance against extreme weather conditions, translating into top-notch watertight and dust-proof qualities. A key feature of its design is the notched assembly bracket, which has been reinforced to ensure robust installation.

This, coupled with its 180-degree rotation system, makes the Focal 100 OD6 exceptionally easy to install and position as per your needs. In terms of aesthetics, the loudspeaker is available in a sleek black finish or a white ready-to-paint finish, allowing it to seamlessly blend into or stand out in any outdoor setting.

Focal Quality

Focal’s 100 OD6 outdoor loudspeaker exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, robust, and technologically advanced products. The loudspeaker is a testament to superior craftsmanship, with its UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene damping cabinet and an IP66 certification, ensuring resistance to extreme weather conditions, and displaying its watertight and dust-proof qualities.

Focal’s use of proprietary technologies ensures that the 100 OD6 delivers high-fidelity sound outdoors. Attention to detail is highlighted in its easy-to-install and versatile 180-degree rotation system. Furthermore, Focal’s consideration for aesthetic tastes is evident, with the grille and cabinet available in a ready-to-paint finish, allowing customization to individual preferences.

The brand’s level of quality and dedication to user experience is also highlighted by the possibility of connecting two loudspeakers in parallel on the same amplifier output, demonstrating Focal’s commitment to user-friendly and flexible design. This product review certifies Focal’s unwavering commitment to producing high-quality, durable, and user-friendly products.

Comparison and Alternatives

The Focal Aria 906 has been meticulously constructed, catering to discerning audiphiles who yearn for superior sound quality at a reasonable price. This 2-way loudspeaker stands out in its category by virtue of the Focal’s unique Flax cone technology, which is lauded for its neutrality, high fidelity, and precision.

Its sound quality is further amplified by Poron suspension derived from the renowned Utopia Beryllium tweeter, reducing distortion and ensuring an incredibly stable sound stage.

While there might be other high-end alternatives in the market, the Aria 906 delivers an unparalleled audio experience that is a true testament to Focal’s legacy of audio excellence.

Superior alternatives might be available at a steeper price, but the value proposition of the Aria 906 is unmatched in its segment. Its technological prowess combined with its aesthetic design makes it a compelling choice for those seeking high-end acoustics without breaking the bank.

How We Test The Speakers?

Our testing methodology for the Focal 100 OD6 outdoor loudspeaker is designed to be rigorous and comprehensive, with a focus on both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the product.

First, we conduct an intricate physical inspection of the speaker, examining its design, construction, and the quality of materials used. We evaluate its durability by testing it against various weather conditions, exposing it to extremes of temperature, water, and dust to affirm its IP66 certification claims.

Next, we move on to the audio quality analysis. We connect the speaker to an amplifier and play a variety of audio tracks encompassing different music genres at various volume levels. We pay close attention to the clarity, depth, and fidelity of the sound produced. We also test the speaker’s versatility by connecting two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output.

Lastly, we examine the ease of installation and its 180-degree rotation system. Our team of professionals mounts and positions the speaker in different outdoor environments to analyze its adaptability.

Our review also includes a comparative analysis where we benchmark the 100 OD6 against similar products from popular brands, assessing their performance, durability, and value for money.

Throughout our testing process, we maintain a transparent approach, highlighting any questionable aspects or features, and providing you with an unbiased and reliable review based on our findings.



The Focal 100 OD6 outdoor loudspeaker proves to be an exceptional choice in terms of both quality and design, standing up to rigorous analysis and testing. From the robust physical construction to the delivery of high-fidelity sound in all weather conditions, it showcases Focal’s commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, the ability to connect two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output illustrates the attention to user-friendly design and flexibility that is synonymous with the Focal brand. This speaker is not just an audio device, but a testament to the technological advancement and superior craftsmanship that Focal consistently delivers.

Despite a competitive market filled with alternatives, the Focal 100 OD6 distinguishes itself through its superior performance, durability, and aesthetics, making it a top-notch choice for your outdoor audio needs.

General Specification

Model Focal 100 OD6
Type Outdoor Speaker
Origin Focal
Intended Use Outdoor (patio, pool, backyard BBQ)
Room Compatibility Outdoor Space
Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 87 dB
Frequency Response 65-23,000 Hz (±3dB)

Adjustability and Installation

Feature Description
Sound Configurations The Focal 100 OD6 offers a rich sound experience with a 6-1/2″ woofer and an inverted aluminum dome tweeter. A waterproof polypropylene cone and Polyglass treatment provide enhanced rigidity and accuracy. The frequency response is between 65-23,000 Hz (±3dB), ensuring a wide range of sound coverage.
Tweeter Adjustability The speaker comes with an inverted aluminum dome tweeter, offering high-quality sound output. However, the product description does not specify any specific adjustability features for the tweeter.
Mounting System The Focal 100 OD6 includes an aluminum bracket with 180° articulation, allowing for flexible installation. The speaker’s logo can be rotated for horizontal or vertical installation.
Grilles The product features a paintable aluminum grille, allowing the speakers to blend seamlessly with their environment while ensuring protection.
Terminals The Focal 100 OD6 uses spring-loaded wire terminals for connectivity, including a silicone weather seal to protect against the elements, indicating a focus on durability and longevity.

Speaker Components

Tweeter Inverted aluminum dome tweeter
Woofer 6-1/2″ woofer
Tweeter Orientation Integrated into the speaker design
Tweeter Level Adjustment N/A
Woofer Cone Waterproof polypropylene cone with Polyglass treatment
Tweeter Dome Inverted aluminum dome

Additional Feature

Multichannel Application The 100 OD6 loudspeaker, with its high impedance of 8 ohms, offers the ability to connect two loudspeakers in parallel on the same amplifier output, making it optimized for multichannel applications.
Application The 100 OD6 is ideal for outdoor applications, thanks to its resistance to extreme weather conditions (IP66 certified) and UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene damping cabinet. Its 180-degree rotation system allows for flexibility in installation and positioning.
TV Integration Focal’s range of products and their commitment to high-fidelity sound suggest that the 100 OD6 loudspeaker could integrate well with TV systems, offering high-quality audio enhancement for a more immersive viewing experience.
Dolby Atmos Given Focal’s emphasis on high-fidelity sound and innovative technology, it is plausible that their products could be compatible with Dolby Atmos technology to provide a superior sound experience.
DTS: X Based on the brand’s commitment to high-quality sound and technological innovation, it is reasonable to infer that their products might be compatible with DTS: X technology for enhanced sound performance.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality audio output: The Focal 100 OD6 offers high-fidelity sound thanks to Focal’s renowned technologies. It reproduces every note with amazing clarity and depth, ensuring a true-to-original recording audio experience.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: With a high-density, UV-treated polypropylene cabinet and an IP66 certification, the speaker is resistant to extreme weather conditions, water, and dust.
  • Versatility: The 100 OD6 offers high impedance that allows the connection of two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output, providing a powerful and immersive audio experience.
  • Easy Installation: The speaker comes with a reinforced notched assembly bracket and a 180-degree rotation system, making installation and positioning straightforward.
  • Aesthetic Design: Available in a black or white ready-to-paint finish, the 100 OD6 seamlessly blends into any outdoor setting and caters to various aesthetic preferences.


  • Lack of Tweeter Adjustability: The product description does not specify any specific adjustability features for the tweeter.
  • Price Point: While it offers robust features, the 100 OD6 might be priced higher than other alternatives in the market, which could be a downside for those with a tight budget.
  • Compatibility with Advanced Audio Technologies: While the product description suggests a high-quality sound experience, the specific compatibility with advanced audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X is not explicitly mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the Focal 100 OD6 be used indoors as well?

A. While primarily designed for outdoor use, the Focal 100 OD6 can also be used indoors due to its superior sound quality.

Q. Does the Focal 100 OD6 require professional installation?

A. The Focal 100 OD6 is designed for easy installation, but if you’re unfamiliar with audio equipment, professional installation may be

Q. Are there any warranty options available for the Focal 100 OD6?

A. For specific warranty information, please refer to Focal’s official warranty policy or consult your retailer.

Q. Can I paint the Focal 100 OD6 to match my decor?

A. Yes, the Focal 100 OD6 comes in a ready-to-paint finish allowing customization to your specific aesthetic preferences.

Q. How does the Focal 100 OD6 handle high volumes?

A. The Focal 100 OD6 is designed to deliver high-fidelity sound at various volume levels, maintaining clarity and depth of sound even at high volumes.

Q. How does Focal 100 OD6 perform in very cold or hot temperatures?

A. Focal 100 OD6 has an IP66 certification ensuring its resistance to extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for both hot and cold climates.

Q. Do I need a separate amplifier for each Focal 100 OD6 speaker?

A. No, the Focal 100 OD6 features high impedance allowing the connection of two speakers in parallel on the same amplifier output.

Q. How should I clean and maintain my Focal 100 OD6?

A. For specific cleaning and maintenance instructions, please refer to the user manual that comes with your Focal 100 OD6.

Q. Does the Focal 100 OD6 support a wireless connection?

A. The product description does not mention wireless connectivity, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer or your retailer for accurate information.

Q. Can the Focal 100 OD6 be used with a home theater system?

A. The Focal 100 OD6 is designed for high-quality audio output and could potentially be integrated with a home theater system for an enhanced auditory experience, but you should check compatibility with your existing system.

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