Focal Kanta N°2 Review: Elevating Your Audio Experience

Explore the sonic excellence of Focal's Kanta N°2 speakers in our in-depth review. Uncover the immersive audio experience that sets them apart.

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Updated :Mar 15, 2024
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Focal Kanta N°2

Focal Kanta N°2

The Focal Kanta No.2 is a 3-way floor standing speaker that delivers highly original and precise sound. An innovative blend of materials, featuring a marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers, the Kanta No.2 has been crafted from three years of rigorous research and development. This speaker is not only dedicated to acoustic performance but also boasts a disruptive aesthetic, making it a striking addition to any home or setting.

Driven by a pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, the Kanta No.2 employs a Beryllium and Flax combination for enhanced material performance, a high-density polymer for cabinet work, and a new IAL3 tweeter which helps absorb waves and lower the tweeter frequency, reducing distortion. The design of the speaker, with its one-piece integrally molded wood cabinet and Zamac base, provides remarkable stability.

The Kanta No.2 comes in a range of finishes with a choice of contemporary combinations. Its matte finish absorbs light, enhancing the colors and giving it a sophisticated aesthetic. Positive reviews from customers applaud the Kanta No.2 for its incredible sound, design, and bass performance. The speakers have been praised for their neutrality, dynamics, and warmth, reinforcing the reputation of Focal for creating products that resonate with the hearts and souls of music lovers. The Kanta No.2 is more than a speaker; it’s a comprehensive, immersive musical experience.

Audio Quality

The Focal Kanta N°2 speakers are truly a mastery of audio technology, delivering an unprecedented blend of performance and style. Their unique amalgamation of Beryllium, in their latest generation IAL3 tweeter, and Flax, used for the midrange and bass drivers, provides a sound that is both precise and filled with warmth and musicality.

Focal’s relentless pursuit of reducing distortion across all registers is evident in Kanta’s design. The treble register, for instance, is reproduced by a new pure Beryllium tweeter that combines the IAL and IHL tweeters’ features, helping with the absorption of waves and lowering the tweeter frequency.

Design and Installation

The Focal Kanta N°2, the first in its range, is a fine blend of innovation, design, and acoustics, with every detail meticulously thought out. The speaker’s disruptive aesthetic and phenomenal acoustical performance are the result of three years of dedicated research and development.

The speakers are a testament to Focal’s commitment to marrying cutting-edge technology with acoustic precision. They feature an extraordinary amalgamation of Beryllium, used in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, and Flax, employed for the midrange and bass drivers. The outcome is a sound that’s detailed and warm, suffused with musicality, and a whole new listening experience for the discerning audiophile.

The Kanta N°2 speakers are not just about sound; they are also about style. The design narrative of these speakers revolves around a monolithic wooden cabinet, with a Zamac base that adds an edge to the overall character. The top is covered with glass and the speakers feature removable magnetic grilles. When the grilles are off, the flax cones are revealed, adding another unexpected design element. To cater to different decor styles and personal preferences, the speakers come with a matte front panel in combination with a body in Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut High Gloss, or Matte Walnut.

The installation of these speakers is straightforward. However, they offer something unique called ‘Focus Time’, which corrects speaker alignment, making them the same distance from the ear. The speakers are integral and the cabinet is made from a single piece of molded wood.

This ensures sound uniformity and allows for a more accurate soundstage. The base, with its spikes and cups, secures the speakers with stability while maintaining a small footprint. These design features ensure that the speakers not only perform excellently but also blend seamlessly into your living space.

From the design to the sound, every inch of the Focal Kanta N°2 speaks of the brand’s commitment to creating an unmatched audio experience. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a casual listener, these speakers are sure to impress you with their performance and style.

Adjustability and Customization

The Focal Kanta N°2 speakers provide a high degree of adjustability and customization, ensuring a personalized and immersive audio experience. The speakers stand 44 inches tall, making them versatile enough to perform optimally in both smaller and larger spaces.

Focal’s innovative Power Flow technology system incorporates two ports, one on the front and one on the rear of the speaker, allowing for dynamic compression limitation in the bass. Consequently, this results in improved bass performance even in a more compact cabinet.

Additionally, the molded, one-piece front baffle, made from a new high-density polymer (HDP), helps to enhance definition. With its smooth edges designed to minimize diffraction and its angled profile for time alignment across the drivers, you are ensured a precise, detailed sound.

The speakers’ flax cone drivers, sandwiched between two thin layers of glass fiber, are both light and rigid. This unique design adds rigidity to the structure and reduces overall mass without compromising the sound quality.

Comparison and Alternatives

When it comes to high-fidelity speakers, the Focal Kanta N°2 stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled technological innovation. It’s the result of three years of meticulous research and development, providing a perfect marriage of Beryllium in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter with Flax for the midrange and bass drivers.

The outcome is a sound that is precise and detailed, brimming with warmth and musicality. As you venture into higher price brackets, you may find alternatives boasting of subtle improvements or exotic materials. However, the Kanta N°2 already offers a blend of advanced technology, performance, and unique aesthetics that make it worth its weight in gold.

It’s not just any other speaker; it’s a new beginning for sound enthusiasts. After all, good sound quality is not always about the price tag, but the emotional connection and the soul-stirring experience that a product provides. The Focal Kanta N°2 does not just deliver sound—it brings music to life, making it a front-runner in its segment.

To complement your exploration of Focal’s exceptional audio solutions, consider enhancing your experience by exploring the Focal Sub 1000 F for powerful bass, the Focal Aria 906 for detailed stereo sound, and the Focal 100 IC LCR5 for immersive in-ceiling audio, each offering unique attributes to suit diverse listening environments and preferences.

How We Test The Speakers?

At our review platform, we thoroughly test the speakers to ensure our audience is provided with accurate and reliable information. Our extensive testing process is designed to assess every aspect of speaker performance. Initially, we conducted a preliminary visual inspection, evaluating the design and build quality, as well as the quality of materials used.

Next, we move on to the setup process, noting the ease of installation and the clarity of instructions provided. Our dedicated team then tests the sound quality extensively in a controlled environment. We play a variety of genres, from classical to rock to electronic, at different volume levels to explore every facet of the product’s audio performance – the treble, midrange, and bass. We also consider the speaker’s spatial sound distribution and its ability to recreate an immersive audio environment.

In addition to this, we also use a series of technical measurements to gauge the speaker’s performance. Using specialized audio analysis tools, we measure parameters such as frequency response, distortion, and signal-to-noise ratio.

Not just that, we also take into account the experiences of consumers who have used the product. We gather and analyze customer reviews and testimonials to understand the long-term reliability and performance of the speaker.

Lastly, we compare the speaker with similar products in the market. We evaluate how the product stands out in terms of features, performance, and value for money.

The combination of empirical testing, critical listening, user experiences, and comparative analysis allows us to provide a comprehensive review that can guide you in making an informed decision. With us, you’re not just getting a review; you’re getting a trusted companion in your journey of sound exploration.



In conclusion, the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers set a new bar for high-fidelity sound, substantiating their position as a product of rigorous research and dedication. Their innovative blend of materials and technology, from the Beryllium IAL3 tweeter to the Flax midrange and bass drivers, culminates into a sound experience that is as precise as it is rich.

Complementing their remarkable audio performance is a style statement that is both elegant and disruptive, making them a striking addition to any setting. With a wave of positive customer reviews acknowledging their superior sound, design, and bass performance, the Kanta N°2 proves to be more than just a speaker—it’s an immersive, comprehensive musical experience.

Whether you’re an audiophile or a casual listener, the Focal Kanta N°2 promises an unparalleled audio experience, leaving a lasting impression with its performance and style.

General Specification

Model Focal Kanta N°2
Type Three-way floor-standing speaker
Origin Manufactured by Focal in France
Intended Use Ideal for contemporary, design-led interiors
Room Compatibility Works well in smaller spaces, can accommodate up to 645 square feet

Adjustability and Installation

Feature Description
Sound Configurations The Kanta N°2 is a 3-way floor standing speaker, capable of delivering precise, detailed sound brimming with warmth and musicality. It provides a marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers.
Tweeter Adjustability The IAL3 tweeter combines the IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) tweeters features, both of which help with the absorption of waves, thus lowering the tweeter frequency.
Mounting System The cabinet is made in one-piece integrally moulded wood. The Zamac base also brings out masses of character. With its spikes and cups, the base provides great stability from a very small footprint.
Grilles The speakers feature magnetic grilles. When these are removed, they reveal the speakers’ flax cones, the final design touch that gives Kanta its unique look.
Terminals Focal speakers typically feature high-quality binding post terminals for reliable and secure speaker wire connections.

Speaker Components

Tweeter Latest generation IAL3 Beryllium
Woofer Flax cone
Tweeter Orientation Directly forward, absorption of waves
Tweeter Level Adjustment N/A
Woofer Cone Flax, for midrange and bass drivers
Tweeter Dome Beryllium, in the IAL3 tweeter

Additional Feature

Multichannel Application The 100 OD6 loudspeaker, with its high impedance of 8 ohms, offers the ability to connect two loudspeakers in parallel on the same amplifier output, making it optimized for multichannel applications.
Application The Kanta N°2 speakers can also be used for a variety of other applications, including music listening in stereo or multichannel formats. The speakers are designed to deliver warm, brimming music with a precise, detailed sound, making them ideal for music enthusiasts who demand high-quality audio performance.
TV Integration These speakers can also be integrated seamlessly with a TV or home cinema system. Their design ensures that they deliver a powerful performance, providing rich, immersive audio that enhances the viewing experience. They’re also designed to minimize distortion, ensuring clear, clean sound even at high volumes.
Dolby Atmos Kanta N°2 speakers are designed to work well with advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos. This technology allows sound to be precisely placed and moved anywhere in a three-dimensional space, including overhead, providing a more immersive and high-quality audio experience.
DTS: X In addition to Dolby Atmos, the Kanta N°2 speakers also support DTS: X, another high-performance audio technology that delivers an immersive 3D sound experience. This feature allows the speakers to provide a rich, lifelike sound that enhances the audio experience, regardless of the room’s acoustics.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Focal Kanta No.2


  • The Focal Kanta No.2 is a 3-way floor standing speaker that delivers a highly original and precise sound.
  • The speaker is a result of three years of rigorous research and development.
  • It features a disruptive aesthetic, suitable for various home settings and decor styles.
  • The Kanta No.2 employs a unique combination of Beryllium and Flax for enhanced material performance.
  • The one-piece integrally molded wood cabinet and Zamac base provide remarkable stability.
  • Positive customer reviews applaud its incredible sound, design, and bass performance.
  • The speakers can perform optimally in both smaller and larger spaces.
  • The speaker’s flax cone drivers are both light and rigid, ensuring sound quality is not compromised.
  • The company thoroughly tests its speakers to ensure reliable and accurate information is provided to the audience.
  • The Focal Kanta N°2 speakers set a new standard for high-fidelity sound.


  • The speakers may be expensive compared to other brands in the market.
  • The complex design and technology may be overwhelming for some users.
  • The larger size may not be suitable for all home settings.
  • The matte finish absorbs light, which may alter the perceived color of the speakers.
  • While installation is straightforward, the unique ‘focus time’ alignment process may be challenging for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What size room is best suited for the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. These speakers perform best in rooms ranging from medium to large size, up to 645 square feet.

Q. Can I adjust the sound configurations on the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. Yes, the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers offer a range of adjustable settings to meet your preferred sound experience.

Q. Do the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers come with a warranty?

A. Yes, Focal provides a warranty for their Kanta N°2 speakers, but terms and duration may vary. Please contact Focal or your retailer for specific information.

Q. How should I care for and maintain my Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. Regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth can help maintain the appearance of the speakers. Also, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.

Q. Can the Focal Kanta N°2 be used for a home theater setup?

A. Yes, the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers are designed to deliver exceptional audio performance, making them an excellent choice for a high-end home theater system.

Q. What cables are recommended for use with the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. High-quality speaker cables are recommended for use with the Focal Kanta N°2 to ensure the best sound quality. For specific recommendations, please contact the manufacturer or your audio equipment retailer.

Q. How does the ‘Focus Time’ feature work on the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. The ‘Focus Time’ feature aligns the speakers to be the same distance from the ear. This ensures sound uniformity and allows for a more accurate soundstage.

Q. Can I use the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers with a turntable setup?

A. Yes, the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers can be integrated with a turntable setup to deliver a rich, immersive sound experience.

Q. Is it possible to buy replacement parts for the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers?

A. Yes, Focal typically offers replacement parts for its products, including the Kanta N°2 speakers. Please contact the manufacturer or your retailer for more information.

Q. Do the Focal Kanta N°2 speakers support wireless connectivity?

A. The Focal Kanta N°2 speakers do not have built-in wireless features. They require physical connections for audio input. However, they can be used with external wireless adapters or receivers for wireless audio streaming.

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