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Eco Friendly Home Decorating Ideas That you Need to know

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Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016

Most people have the notion that being environmentally-friendly at home is just too expensive and it is just a trend that is practically useless. Some people also think an eco-friendly home cannot be stylish or it is just plain ugly. These are just stereotypes that are now very far from the truth. An eco-friendly home can even be a lot healthier than ordinary homes. Experts say new home smells are usually toxic and mold inside the walls can directly cause migraines along with other serious health issues.

Fortunately, we are becoming more aware of these things and at the same time know the other options we have. The truth is that there are many options like choosing to decorate with sustainability in mind. This includes consuming less energy, water and other non-renewable resources but at the same time making your home more beautiful. In this article, we will be taking a look at the best eco-friendly home decorating tips.

Going Green Can Be Affordable

The biggest misconception about going green is that it is expensive. This makes people think being environmentally friendly at home is only for the rich. This is so incorrect especially with the many options available today. Green is now for everyone and there are options even for the smallest budgets. As a matter of fact, going green can even save you money in the long run. You can even reuse old items purchased from flea markets or the Salvation Army.

When choosing used home decorations, you need to look for those that will last a long time and do not require much maintenance. People living in the city can find eco-friendly items in specialty shops like Branch Home. You can ask your local US Green Building Council office to locate these places.

There Are Incentives for Eco-Friendly Decorating

Eco-Friendly Decorating
Another major perk of eco-friendly home decorating that most people aren’t aware of is getting a tax write-off. You just need to report eco-friendly improvements on your annual taxes and you can earn a tax break. You can also get tax breaks from the materials you have removed after remodelling your home. Contact the ReUse People who will check for reusable parts that will be shipped out for distribution to groups like Habitat for Humanity. This doesn’t just give you the opportunity to help others but it can also get you another tax write-off.

Make Green Work for You

You can make eco-friendly home decorating work for you and suit your specific style. For instance, you can get creative and make your own furniture from recycled items. This will not just save you money but it will also make your home décor truly yours. One valuable eco-friendly home decorating tip you can try is to create a wall with colorful glasses (filled with water) on a window that gets high sunlight exposure. The water in the glasses absorbs heat during daytime, keeping the house cooler. The heat is then released at night helping keep your home warm. This will significantly make your home more energy efficient.

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Discover What Your Home Is Made Of

Discover What Your Home Is Made Of
By going green, you can know exactly what materials are used in your home just like how nutrition labels inform you of the contents of your food. Most people don’t even think about what materials are used in their home. This is a huge mistake since some materials are off-gassing dangerous substances that you are continuously breathing in like formaldehyde from some carpets. It is best to use modular carpet tiles but if your carpet is made of wool, you can keep it. The good news is that there are many eco-friendly carpet companies that offer beautiful carpets that only use non-toxic dyes and are made using recycled materials.

There are also professionals you can consult who can find out if there are dangerous materials in your home. They can even help you find the best eco-friendly home design to fit your needs and preferences. You may have to spend some money but in the long run, this will help you save money in healthcare expenses for you and your family.

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Going green when decorating your home is not as difficult and expensive as it used to be. You can even make it enjoyable by swapping decorative items with your family and friends. There are even groups on social media where you can find people to swap decorative items with in your area. There are also many resources available where you can find amazing eco-friendly home decorating tips like the ones mentioned in this article. So what are you waiting for? It is time to start planning your eco-friendly home renovation.

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