Kinetic Power System Reviews: Is This the Future of Clean Energy?

Thinking about harnessing kinetic energy? Read our Kinetic Power System review to make an informed decision on this sustainable energy source.

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Updated :Feb 7, 2024
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In a world where electricity consumption is both indispensable and costly, finding sustainable methods to reduce dependence on grid power has become a pressing concern for many households. Exorbitant energy bills and environmental concerns have led people to actively seek alternatives that can provide both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. One such alternative that has gained considerable attention is the use of solar panels. However, while solar panels offer a renewable energy solution, they often come with a significant upfront cost, making them inaccessible to some.

But fear not, because there is an innovative solution on the horizon – ‘The Kinetic Power System.’ This revolutionary blueprint takes inspiration from older, more sustainable technologies and offers a promising solution to both the cost and sustainability issues associated with traditional power sources. By harnessing the power of motion and kinetic energy, the Kinetic Power System aims to provide a reliable and renewable source of electricity for households.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable power solution, join us on this journey as we explore the exciting possibilities offered by the Kinetic Power System.

What is Kinetic Power System?

The Kinetic Power System is an advanced digital guide meticulously designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create your very own personal power plant in the comfort of your home. This innovative system harnesses the incredible power of kinetic energy to generate and supply electricity, offering you a remarkable opportunity to significantly reduce your electric bills and achieve substantial savings.

Setting up the Kinetic Power System is remarkably simple, requiring only a few common tools and easily accessible materials. The assembly process is straightforward, allowing you to complete it within a matter of hours. With the Kinetic Power System, simplicity and convenience are at the forefront.

One notable advantage of this revolutionary system is its lightweight and portable design. Its compact nature enables easy transportation, ensuring you have a reliable power backup wherever you go. Furthermore, the Kinetic Power System is highly resilient against harsh weather conditions, safeguarding your power supply even in the face of inclement elements.

Not only does the Kinetic Power System offer a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution, but it also eliminates the production of harmful fumes. By reducing the emission of toxic gases, this exceptional system not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also helps you save even more on costs.

Embracing the Kinetic Power System means adopting an efficient and sustainable approach to home power generation. With just a simple monthly maintenance check, you can have peace of mind knowing that your power plant is operating at its peak performance, providing you with uninterrupted and reliable electricity whenever you need it. Experience the freedom and tranquility that comes from harnessing the power of kinetic energy with the Kinetic Power System.

The Brain Behind Kinetic Power System

The Kinetic Power System, an innovative solution for home energy needs, was conceived by Chad Becker, a fire truck driver from Sacramento, California. Drawing on his expertise and experience, Chad collaborated with Craig Brooks, an independent renewable energy enthusiast with over 23 years of technical development and design expertise. It was during a conversation with Keith Garrett, a fireman from the Brisbane area in Australia, that Chad was introduced to the concept of the flywheel generator. Inspired by this idea, the trio joined forces to refine and develop the system, resulting in an efficient and practical solution that revolutionizes home energy consumption.

Understanding The Mechanism


The Kinetic Power System, as explained in the document, is a simple yet effective solution for home electricity generation that relies on the principles of kinetic energy. The system is built around a low-friction design that silently and efficiently converts movement into electrical energy. This conversion is achieved through a generator which is crucial to the system. The innovative design of the system ensures it is lightweight and portable, allowing it to be a reliable backup power source in various conditions.

As the system utilizes kinetic energy, it doesn’t rely on environmental factors such as sunlight or wind, making it dependable in all weather conditions. Unlike solar panels or wind turbines, the Kinetic Power System doesn’t require extensive installations or maintenance, making it a more accessible solution for many households. Its flexible nature allows it to power a range of household appliances, from small devices like lamps and toasters to larger energy-consuming appliances like refrigerators and AC units.

In addition, the system can be assembled in less than 3 hours using affordable and easily accessible components, some of which can even be found in a local junkyard. The user is guided through detailed instructions for system assembly, maintenance, and connection to household appliances. The Kinetic Power System is presented as not just an energy solution, but a means to ensure the safety and comfort of your family, regardless of external circumstances.

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What’s Inside The Guide?

The Kinetic Power Guide is an extensive electronic resource that provides users with comprehensive instructions on building their portable power plant, a system stronger than conventional solar panels. Inside the guide, you will find a detailed manual to aid in the construction process. This manual includes a step-by-step instruction guide on assembling all necessary tools and materials into a single device, a procedure that can be completed in less than three hours.

Alongside this, the guide also offers advice on where to find all the components with minimal effort, as well as a full list of necessary tools and guidelines on using them effectively. Special emphasis is placed on safety measures and weather conditions technology to ensure the plant’s resilience during adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes. Finally, the guide includes a Stagewise handbook that provides all the components needed to design your power plant generator. This comprehensive guide is designed to give users the confidence to build and maintain their power generation system.

Comparison With Other Sources of Energy


Kinetic Energy: The Power of Motion

Kinetic energy orchestrates movement worldwide, harnessed from various sources like wind, water, and waves. Cleverly utilized, it transforms into electricity, powering vehicles and storing energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it has minimal environmental impact, making it crucial for sustainability.

Fossil Fuels: Power and Environmental Impact

Fossil fuels have long been humanity’s primary energy resource, but their combustion emits greenhouse gases and pollutes the atmosphere. These pollutants tarnish the skies and leave an enduring environmental footprint.

Nuclear Energy: Potential and Risk

Nuclear energy provides consistent power, but radioactive waste poses environmental challenges and risks. Careful management is essential to ensure safe nuclear energy exploitation.

Hydropower: Aquatic Force and Clean Energy

Hydropower generates electricity from falling or fast-running water, serving as a reliable clean energy source. However, dam construction can disrupt ecosystems and communities, necessitating a balance between harnessing hydropower and preserving nature.

Geothermal Energy: The Earth’s Silent Heat

Geothermal energy, derived from the Earth’s heat, offers a cleaner and more sustainable future. While its ecological footprint is less invasive, careful extraction is crucial to avoid unforeseen environmental consequences.

Usability & Maintenance

The usability and maintenance protocols for the Kinetic Power System are designed for simplicity and ease, to facilitate homeowners of any skill level. Upon purchase, you will receive a detailed step-by-step guide that will walk you through the assembly process, which takes less than three hours. After the initial setup, the system is essentially “set and forget,” requiring only a simple maintenance check every few months. The list of materials costs less than $208 in total and is designed to last for years. Furthermore, if a junkyard is accessible, about 90% of the materials could possibly be obtained for free. The Kinetic Power System is suitable for powering any kind of household appliances, from lamps and toasters to refrigerators and AC units. Its design ensures silent operation, allowing you to install it in any location within your home without causing disruption. The system is also portable, lightweight and is not affected by strong winds or hurricanes like solar panels. There are no harmful fumes to worry about and no need to spend hundreds of dollars on fuel. The system is designed to offer an unrestricted amount of power within the home, making it an ideal solution for renewable electricity.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-Effective: Over time, a kinetic power system can reduce power expenditure significantly.
  • Easy to Source Material: The resources necessary to generate kinetic power are usually inexpensive and readily available.
  • Eco-Friendly: Kinetic power systems produce clean, green power, contributing towards the mitigation of environmental concerns.
  • Low Maintenance: The upkeep of a kinetic power system is relatively straightforward and inexpensive.
  • Security: A kinetic power system provides an added layer of security by ensuring a constant source of power, even in adverse situations.
  • Power Independence: Using a kinetic power system allows one to achieve complete power self-sufficiency.


  • nitial Cost: The initial start-up cost of setting up a kinetic power system can be higher than just purchasing a guide, as one has to assemble the system.
  • Requirement of Crafting Skill: Individuals who are not adept at crafting or assembling may find the setup process challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Kinetic Power System?

A. The Kinetic Power System is an innovative solution that utilizes kinetic energy to generate electricity. This system is a simple and cost-effective method to reduce dependence on grid power.

Q. Who are the creators of the Kinetic Power System?

A. The Kinetic Power System was conceived by Chad Becker, a fire truck driver from Sacramento, California. He joined forces with Craig Brooks, a renewable energy enthusiast, and Keith Garrett, a fireman from Australia, to develop this revolutionary system.

Q. How does the Kinetic Power System work?

A. The system relies on the principles of kinetic energy, converting movement into electrical power through a low-friction generator. Its design is lightweight and portable, making it a reliable backup power source in various conditions.

Q. How easy is it to set up a Kinetic Power System?

A. The system can be assembled in less than 3 hours using affordable and easily accessible components. Detailed instructions for system assembly, maintenance, and connection to household appliances are provided in the guide.

Q. How does the Kinetic Power System compare with other energy sources?

A. Unlike fossil fuels and nuclear energy, kinetic energy has minimal environmental impact. The system is also more reliable than solar power and wind energy, which depend on environmental factors.

Q. What’s included in the Kinetic Power Guide?

A. The guide includes a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions on assembling the system, where to find the necessary components, a list of required tools, safety measures, and guidelines on how to use the system effectively.

Q. What kind of maintenance does the Kinetic Power System require?

A. The system requires only a simple maintenance check every few months, making it a more accessible solution compared to other alternative power sources that require extensive installations or maintenance.

Q. Are there any drawbacks to the Kinetic Power System?

A. The initial setup cost of the system might be slightly high, and individuals who are not adept at crafting or assembling might find the setup process challenging. However, the long-term savings and benefits greatly outweigh these initial challenges.

Q. Is the Kinetic Power System eco-friendly?

A. Yes, the Kinetic Power System is an eco-friendly solution. It reduces the emission of toxic gases, contributes to a cleaner environment, and helps you save even more on costs.

Q. Can the Kinetic Power System power all household appliances?

A. Yes, the flexible nature of the Kinetic Power System allows it to power a range of household appliances, from small devices like lamps and toasters to larger energy-consuming appliances like refrigerators and AC units.


The Kinetic Power System, created by Chad Becker, presents a groundbreaking solution to address the ever-increasing need for energy conservation and sustainable power sources in today’s world. This innovative system harnesses the power of kinetic energy, capturing and converting it into a reliable and eco-friendly source of electricity. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering, the Kinetic Power System provides households with a practical, cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity sources, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. With its exceptional efficiency and minimal environmental impact, this system is poised to revolutionize the way we power our homes and communities.

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