Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor Review: Is It a Safe and Reliable Option?

Considering Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor? Our review reveals everything you need to know for an informed choice!

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Updated :Mar 20, 2024
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As we grapple with the reality of rising energy costs and the imperative to conserve resources, the Bowman Magnet Motor emerges as a powerful alternative. Stemming from the brilliance of Lee Bowman, this motor is a paragon of simplicity and efficiency combined. Despite its high effectiveness, it remains largely unseen in mainstream markets. Our newly launched guide from the Energy Liberation Army opens up the opportunity for you to construct this revolutionary motor in your own home. Bowman himself was astonished at the significant electricity savings he realized once he utilized the right equipment to construct this device, built to harness and hold magnetic power. We delve into the specifics of how you can assemble such a powerful machine, bringing substantial reduction to your electricity bills. Despite its technical foundation, there is no prerequisite for prior expertise to build this motor. Join thousands of others who have already benefited financially from this groundbreaking innovation. In our comprehensive review, we break down the components of this motor, its efficiency, and overall value. We offer detailed instructions and invaluable suggestions to optimize its potential, thus making Bowman’s Magnet Motor an incredible solution for your energy needs.

What is Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor?

Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor

The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor is a comprehensive digital product designed to guide users in understanding and constructing a magnetic motor. This digital resource provides a step-by-step video procedure that explains the workings of magnetism, various applications of the motor, and the correct assembly method. It’s a solution aimed at addressing energy shortages, giving users the confidence of having a reliable power source. Furthermore, the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor offers additional bonus guides that provide varied perspectives on the magnetic motor. The digital product comes with a money-back guarantee, ensuring no financial risk to the user.

About The Creator

The creator of the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor is none other than the ingenious Lee Bowman himself. With a deep understanding of magnetic motors and the principles of magnetism, Bowman embarked on a remarkable journey to develop this revolutionary technology. Drawing inspiration from the boundless energy of the universe, Bowman’s invention represents a monumental breakthrough in the field.

Years of tireless research and development went into perfecting the motor, with Bowman’s unwavering dedication driving the process forward. Countless hours were spent meticulously fine-tuning every aspect, ensuring that the motor would meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency. Only when Bowman was satisfied with its readiness for approval and construction did he consider his mission accomplished.

The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor stands as a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of innovation. It has the potential to transform industries, unlocking new possibilities and propelling us towards a future fueled by clean and sustainable energy.


Understanding The Mechanism

The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor operates on the unique arrangement and movement of permanent Alnico magnets. The device is constructed with a shaft set in a parallel method, supporting bearings within plates anchored by a smaller base plate. It also features three types of gears at the triple-shaft. Attached to the shaft ends on the opposing side are three more discs.

The shaft is fixed at a two to one ratio, the same ratio applied to the opposite pole. One large disc hosts eight evenly arranged Alnico permanent magnets, while four similar magnets are positioned on the opposite disc in coinciding locations. Another elongated Alnico magnet is fixed permanently between these two discs, its ends passing close to each other to create a closed air gap.

The motor’s operation relies heavily on the precise positioning and angle of these permanent cylindrical magnets. When the motor is slightly moved, the magnetic fields pass through both phases, synchronizing at each passing position. This mechanism allows the generation of energy.

Instructional videos are provided for DIY enthusiasts to construct their own version of this magnetic motor, which can significantly reduce power usage and generate surplus energy, thereby decreasing electricity bills.

What’s Inside The Guide?

Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor Giude

The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor digital guide offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of how to build and utilize a magnetic motor. It provides step-by-step instructional videos for constructing the motor, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. The guide also explores various applications where the magnetic motor can be utilized effectively. It additionally delves into the basics of magnetism and the functioning of magnetic properties. Alongside the main content, the guide includes two bonus materials at no extra cost, aiding in a more thorough understanding of the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor and its potential for reliable power supply.


Ease of Use

The guide presented by Lee Bowman’s Permanent Magnet Motor is simple and easy to follow. The instructions are detailed and clear, ensuring you can understand and implement them effectively.

Natural, Safe, and Effective Methods

This program offers strategies that are grounded in nature and proven by science. These methods prioritize safety and effectiveness, ensuring you’re operating your motor without risks.

Energy Consumption Control

With Lee Bowman’s Permanent Magnet Motor, you gain control over your energy usage. This allows you to manage and reduce unnecessary power consumption, leading to savings on energy costs.

Accessibility of Resources

The device required for this program can be easily sourced from local hardware stores. This accessibility ensures that you can get started on your energy-saving journey without unnecessary delays.

What Are The Pros and Cons?


  • Comprehensive Guidance: The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor is a digital guide that provides step-by-step instructions and video procedures, making it easy to follow even for beginners.
  • Saves Power Bill: This guide equips you with the knowledge to build a motor that can generate more energy, potentially reducing your power bill significantly.
  • Money-back Guarantee: The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction for every purchase.
  • Bonus Inclusions: Upon purchase, you receive a free bonus guide along with the main digital guide.


  • Online Only: The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor guide is purely digital, with no offline availability, which may limit access for some.
  • Requires Careful Review: Prior to building the motor, it’s crucial to thoroughly read all instructions and procedures, which may be time-consuming.
  • Internet Dependence: An internet connection is necessary not just for downloading the guide, but also for placing your order, which may pose a challenge for individuals with inconsistent internet access.


Comparison Against Other Sources of Energy

Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor Comparison

Magnetic Energy, a versatile force stored in magnetism lines surrounding magnets and electric currents, can power electric motors and generators. Despite its lower energy density, its efficiency makes it a key player in sustainable energy solutions.

Chemical Energy, stored within molecular bonds, fuels transportation, heats homes, and nourishes our bodies. While fossil fuels offer a concentrated power source, their limited supply and pollution raise concerns. Biomass offers a renewable alternative, but it brings potential deforestation and land use issues. The efficient combustion of cleaner fuels or sustainable bio-alternatives are areas for exploration.

Electrical Energy powers our modern world and is readily convertible to other forms. Despite its dependency on infrastructure and potential dangers with high voltages, it remains indispensable, driving research into safer and efficient harnessing methods.

Thermal Energy results from atom movements within substances. Despite its tendency to dissipate and conversion challenges, its role in heating, cooling and electricity generation calls for research into improved insulation and advanced conversion technologies.

Radiant Energy, an electromagnetic form emitted by charged particles, carries sunlight warmth and communication information. While its availability and renewability are advantages, weather limitations and potential harm to organisms call for efficient capture and conversion research.

Nuclear Energy, derived from atoms’ splitting or merging, offers a potentially limitless power source. Its radioactive nature and waste management issues demand stringent regulations and further research into safer and more efficient technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the concept behind the Bowman Magnet Motor?

A. The Bowman Magnet Motor is an innovative device created by Lee Bowman to harness and retain magnetic power. It combines simplicity and efficiency, offering significant energy savings when properly constructed.

Q. Who is Lee Bowman?

A. Lee Bowman is the brilliant mind behind the Bowman Magnet Motor. With a deep understanding of magnetic motors and principles of magnetism, Bowman dedicated years of research and development to perfecting the motor, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

Q. What is the purpose of the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor?

A. The purpose of the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor is to provide users with a reliable power source. By addressing energy shortages, this digital guide aims to help users understand and construct a magnetic motor, offering a sustainable solution.

Q. What does the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor guide include?

A. The guide provides a comprehensive understanding of building and utilizing a magnetic motor. It includes step-by-step instructional videos, explores various motor applications, and covers the basics of magnetism and magnetic properties. Additional bonus materials are also included for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Q. What are the advantages of using the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor?

A. The Lee Bowman Magnet Motor offers ease of construction, safety, and effectiveness in controlling energy consumption. It helps reduce electricity costs and comes with a user-friendly guide suitable for beginners. With a money-back guarantee, customer satisfaction is ensured.

Q. Does the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor offer any bonus materials?

A. Yes, the guide includes two bonus materials at no extra cost, providing further insights into the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor and its potential for reliable power supply.

Q. Is there any risk involved in using the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor?

A. The program prioritizes safety and effectiveness with methods grounded in nature and proven by science. Additionally, the digital product is backed by a money-back guarantee, eliminating financial risk for users.

Q. Can anyone use the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor?

A. Absolutely! The Lee Bowman Magnet Motor guide is designed to be easily understood and followed by anyone. There is no prerequisite for prior expertise, making it suitable for individuals seeking to manage and reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Q. How does the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor compare to other energy sources?

A. While each energy source has its own advantages and limitations, the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor offers a potentially cost-effective and efficient alternative. Its unique mechanism relies on the precise positioning and angle of permanent cylindrical magnets, allowing for energy generation.

Q. Is the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor available for purchase in physical stores?

A. No, the Lee Bowman Magnet Motor guide is exclusively available for digital purchase online.


The Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor offers an innovative, safe, and reliable approach to energy conservation. With its comprehensive, step-by-step guide and bonus materials, individuals can harness the power of magnetism to construct a high-efficiency motor for home use. The guide not only provides detailed instructions but also includes practical tips and troubleshooting techniques to ensure a smooth construction process. Even those with no prior expertise can confidently embark on this project, thanks to the guide’s user-friendly language and clear illustrations.

The potential energy savings achieved by the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor are truly remarkable. By utilizing the power of magnets, this motor can significantly reduce electricity consumption, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, the motor’s design incorporates advanced features that enhance its efficiency and durability, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

To further instill confidence in their customers, the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor comes with a money-back guarantee. This not only demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction but also allows individuals to try out the motor risk-free. With this guarantee, users can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

As we continue to prioritize sustainability and move towards a more environmentally conscious future, inventions like the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor play a crucial role. By offering a practical and accessible solution to energy conservation, this motor empowers individuals to take control of their energy consumption and contribute to a greener world. Its impact extends beyond just energy savings, as it serves as a catalyst for change and opens up new pathways for innovation in the field of sustainable technology.

With its potential for significant energy savings, backed by a money-back guarantee, this motor represents a reliable and sustainable alternative for those seeking greater control over their energy usage. Let us embrace this remarkable invention and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

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    Michael Peterson March 22, 2024

    Innovative Energy Solution at Home!

    After following the Lee Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor guide, I’ve successfully built the motor at home, significantly reducing my electricity bills. The guide was straightforward and user-friendly, making the whole process enjoyable and educational. Highly recommended for anyone looking to explore sustainable energy options!


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