Orgone Energy Motor Reviews: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Exploring the Orgone Energy Motor: Our Review Sheds Light on Its Innovation and Effectiveness.

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Updated :Mar 7, 2024
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Many consumers find the costs of electricity to be a burden. Some have sought more affordable energy options without success. The Orgone Energy Motor is a new product that aims to address this issue.

The inventor claims this motor can generate free energy. If true, it could significantly reduce energy costs. This review aims to objectively evaluate the Orgone Energy Motor. We will share the key details about how it works and what users report. Our goal is to present the facts in a clear, impartial manner so readers can make their own informed decisions about the product’s viability.

The Origin of the Orgone Energy Motor

The Orgone Energy Motor was originally developed by Dr. Willhelm Reich. He was a well-respected scientist in the United States. Dr. Reich wanted to significantly lower people’s electricity bills. His invention received some attention since that is human nature. The experiments conducted by Reich showed that orgone energy was capable of being converted into electromagnetic and mechanical energy, which led to the conceptualization of the Orgone Energy Motor.

However, his work to reduce energy costs was cut short after the motor was intentionally damaged. Later on, Reich’s blueprints for the motor were discovered by a man named Nikola Tesla. Tesla then used the blueprints to create instructions for building an “orgone power generator.”

What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone energy is a concept from pseudoscience that describes an unusual type of energy or hypothetical universal life force. The idea of orgone energy led to devices called “orgone energy accumulators” being developed. These were designed to collect orgone energy from the environment and were believed to potentially have medical uses. One proposed application of orgone energy is something called an “Orgone Energy Motor” that is known to be an energy source or home power station that works on the principle of magnetism. It creates a permanent imbalance between the stationary part (stator) and the rotating part (rotor) which generates electricity that can then power appliances, fans, televisions, and computers.

Orgone Energy Motor

How the Orgone Energy Motor Works

The motor is based on the idea that there is a natural energy connection between the Earth and all living things. It uses a different approach to magnetism that allows it to create a good amount of magnetic power without needing huge energy sources or specific materials. This energy is then directed into the Orgone Energy Motor to run things like vehicles, generators, and machines.

The Orgone Energy Motor works by harnessing magnetic forces to keep the rotor and stator unbalanced in a continuous way by enhancing the process through orgone energy accumulators. This built-up energy flows in the same direction as the motor spins, helping it to spin almost endlessly. It’s important to note the use of “almost” since science suggests nothing can spin forever.

Intended Audience for Orgone Energy Motor

Orgone Energy Motor

The DIY Dish System is a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions and blueprints to build your own power system at home. The system includes a thorough materials list and illustrations to aid in construction. It also provides guidelines on how to connect the system to home appliances, along with a list of tools needed for construction.

Additional bonuses also include a collection of e-books focused on energy efficiency and conservation, such as “Reducing energy waste”, “Electric lighting history”, “15 top ways to save money”, “Money-saving tips for families”, “Saving power, Saving the world”, “Go Green, Save Green at the same time”, and “How to be environmentally friendly”. These resources will educate you on the niche of green energy and provide practical tips for saving money.

Building Your Own Orgone Energy Motor

Building an Orgone Energy Motor has become increasingly accessible, with tutorials available online. These guides provide step-by-step instructions, including the preparation of materials, construction of the orgone box, and the assembly of the motor.

This program includes 6 tutorial videos. This review provides a preview of each video:

  • Video 1 teaches you the technology needed to build the system from the start.
  • Video 2 shows how to attach tar to the cut sheet and ways to create an orgone energy accumulators to capture energy from sources.
  • Video 3 guides you on using insulating material.
  • Video 4 instructs how to use the foam board and securely attach the box.
  • Video 5 teaches how to add iron protection to the insulated lid and how to make a steel cone to funnel energy into the orgone box.
  • Finally, Video 6 explains how to construct a circuit to convert energy into electricity using capacitors.

The step-by-step videos should help you develop a device to power home appliances. The process is detailed through videos and PDF guides, making it approachable even for those with limited technical expertise.

In this video, Dr. Joe Schwarcz discusses Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator device, which was intended to collect orgone energy from the environment. Dr. Schwarcz explains Reich’s pseudoscientific concept of orgone energy and skepticism around its existence. He also casts doubt on claims that devices like the orgone accumulator or orgone energy motor can truly harness this hypothetical life force.

Benefits of the Orgone Energy Motor

The Orgone Free Energy Motor offers several benefits:


It provides a low-cost alternative to traditional energy sources, saving you from expensive utility bills each month. The motor runs without electricity or fuel and uses basic materials found at local stores.

Easy to Move

This device is very portable, allowing you to easily move and set it up in different places around your home like the basement, living room, attic, backyard, or elsewhere out of weather or harm’s way.

Minimal Maintenance

The Orgone Energy Motor requires very little care, eliminating the need for replacement parts or costly repair services, and saving money on professional help.


This motor can be life-saving during power outages by providing electricity to operate important appliances and lights.

Quiet Operation

It functions on special principles that produce minimal noise for a peaceful environment.


The device’s flexibility allows you to make it the right size for your needs.

Simple Usage

Building and operating this energy motor incorporating orgone energy accumulators is straightforward, allowing you to power household appliances, refrigerators, and air conditioners without worrying about high bills.

Challenges and Considerations

There are several potential issues and things to consider with the Orgone Energy Motor:

Lack of acceptance

Most scientists have not accepted the idea of Orgone Energy. This makes it hard for people who want proof or are skeptical to take the technology seriously.

Little information

Not much is documented about how the Orgone Energy Motor actually works or the specifics of how to build it. This can make it difficult for those interested to construct or understand the device.

Health and safety questions

The motor is said to interact with living things’ energy fields, but this raises concerns about possible health risks or side effects, though none have been proven.

Reliability and lifespan

While maintenance is said to be minimal and heat production low, it is unclear how long the device will last or perform in different conditions.

Energy output

How efficiently it converts energy and the amount it can generate is uncertain. While small appliances and machinery are said to run on it, the actual power produced and efficiency need more study, possibly involving orgone energy accumulators.

Materials and instructions

Specific materials and resources are required to build it, which may not be easily available to all. Also, comprehensive guides and support may be limited.

Despite attracting some researchers and enthusiasts interested in green solutions, it is important to view the Orgone Energy Motor critically given the lack of proof and potential hazards involved until more is known.

Practical Applications

The Orgone Free Energy Motor represents a environmentally friendly alternative to normal ways of getting energy. When you use this motor, you actively help reduce carbon emissions and keep the environment healthy for future generations. Similar to the Orgone Energy Motor, the Nomad Power System provides an eco-friendly energy solution for homes. Discover how it compares by checking out our Nomad Power System Reviews.

Some Ways You Can Use the Orgone Motor:

Power Your Home

The Orgone Motor makes enough energy to power your whole house, from appliances to lights and heating.

Portable Power Source

It provides reliable energy for living off the grid, camping, and other outdoor activities so you don’t need other power sources.

Small Business Use

Orgone Motor technology can work for small businesses looking for a sustainable and affordable power solution to save money and resources.

Help the Environment

By using the Orgone Free Energy Motor, you not only save money but actively support a cleaner environment.

DIY Community and Support

One benefit is the growing community of people who have successfully built the motor themselves.

By being part of this community, you can:

  • Troubleshooting Tips: Learn from others’ experiences to solve any problems you have when building it.
  • Customization: Share ideas with other members to make the Orgone Motor perform even better.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with new developments so you always have the most efficient and reliable system.

Key Highlights of E-Book

The Orgone Accumulator guide provides a lot of valuable information, including:

How to Build Your Own Motor

Learn to make your own Orgone Energy Motor in under two hours using basic parts available at electronics stores. It takes minimal time and resources to potentially complete a working motor in around 90 minutes.

List of Materials

Get a full list of components needed to build the motor. This includes the specific items and costs so you know what you need to get started.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Detailed directions are provided for constructing the generator yourself. Photos, diagrams, and videos make the guide easy to follow to ensure correct assembly.

Downsizing Tips

Advice is given on how to make a smaller motor, helping to reduce electricity bills which can be a big household expense.

Overall, the handbook provides a wealth of knowledge that could potentially lead to profitable opportunities. Electric companies may not like people learning how to lower hidden fees on their bills.

Bonus Options

When you buy the Orgone Free Energy Motor manual, you will also get three extra bonuses included:

Adams Motor

This motor is said to produce more power than the energy put into it enhanced by orgone energy accumulators.

Van De Graaf Generator

This device produces static electricity through friction and can be used to power small motors.

O’Neal Energy Slasher

Not much is known about this, but it seems to be another type of experimental energy device.

These bonus items will give you more insights into how motors may potentially work using energy sources other than fuel or batteries. The manuals offer supplemental knowledge about alternative motors and power technologies related to the main Orgone Free Energy Motor manual.



The idea of an Orgone Energy Motor that can generate free power is intriguing because it promises affordability, portability, and little need for maintenance. However, there is also skepticism because most scientists have not widely accepted it and there are limited details published about exactly how it works with orgone energy. Other concerns include whether it would be safe and healthy to use, how reliable it might be, and if the specific materials needed would be readily available. While the guide claims to provide step-by-step instructions and tips to downsize the motor, the actual efficiency and power output achievable remains uncertain in the context of orgone energy. The extra bonus options, like information on the Adams Motor and Van De Graaf Generator, add an interesting dimension but also lack thorough explanations. When deciding whether to purchase the manual, it’s important to critically examine both the potential benefits and drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does Orgone Free Energy Motor work?

A. The idea of an Orgone Energy Motor is based on a not widely accepted scientific concept called orgone energy. This motor supposedly generates free electricity using magnetism but there is little supporting evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Q. Is Orgone Free Energy Motor legit?

A. The Orgone Free Energy Motor is a concept based on the pseudoscientific idea of orgone energy, which is not recognized by mainstream science. The claims made about the Orgone Energy Motor are not supported by scientific evidence, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials due to false and misleading claims. Therefore, the legitimacy of the Orgone Free Energy Motor is highly questionable and lacks scientific credibility.

Q. What components make up the Orgone Energy Motor?

A. The Orgone Free Energy Motor package says it gives detailed instructions and plans for making your own motor. It includes manuals with steps, drawings of how it’s built, and videos and PDF files explaining how it works.

Q. Where can I buy Orgone Energy Motor?

A. Orgone Free Energy Motor package can be obtained from various sources such as online platforms, including the Official Website of the Orgone Energy Motor

Q. How much does Orgone Energy Motor cost?

A. The Orgone Energy Motor is priced at $49.00.
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