Silencil Review: My 30 Days Personalized Thoughts

Silencil Review: Check out my personal review of Silencil as I uncover the results, benefits, and any downsides.

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Updated :May 24, 2024
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A Brief Overview Of Silencil

Have you ever felt groggy and gassy, with a clogged brain and a growling stomach when you woke in the morning? You might be shocked to learn that these symptoms might be related to an abnormality in your gut microbiome.

ActivatedYou’s Silencil, a new product, promises to “revolutionize your mornings” with a mix of prebiotics, probiotics, and “Green Superfoods.”

According to Silencil’s website, this “powerful formula” can “supercharge your digestion” while also “amplifying your immune system” and “unlocking vibrant health.”
However, before you sprint out and shop for a tub, let’s go ahead and dig a little further. Is Silencil composed of scientifically proven ingredients, or are these simply marketing terms?

Are the substances in Silencil supplied in quantities that are strong enough to have an impact? Do you have any unexpected additives on your hands? And, most of all, what do genuine users have to say about Silencil’s impact?

In this essay, we delve into the components of Silencil and compare them to unbiased medical studies to determine whether the science holds up.
We’ll also look at any possible drawbacks, user reviews, and ultimately, whether Silencil is a legitimate route to a healthier gut or an overhyped herbal supplement.

What Signifies the Silencil?

About a month ago, I discovered a game-changer in terms of gut health. The supplement in question is Silencil by ActivatedYou. They claim that this gut health supplement will revolutionize your morning routine, and I must say, after a few weeks of use, it does work wonders.

For many months, I have been experiencing slow mornings, bloating, and fogginess that never go away. I was surprised to find out that all this may be related to gut imbalance. That’s where Silencil comes in.

According to ActivatedYou, the company founded by actress Maggie Q, this super-compound consisting of prebiotics, probiotics, and “Green Superfoods” can “supercharge your digestion,” “bolster your immune system” and “unlock a phenomenal realm of health and wellness”.

Does ActivatedYou’s science stack up? After doing some research, I can tell you that their ingredient list is pretty great. So, here goes nothing.
Silencil is all it claims to be: good for a gut. That requires getting your good and bad bacteria in line with one another. I would have to say that Silensil’s prebiotics and probiotics are strong in that department.

Prebiotic and probiotic studies show that they can help with digestion, decline bloating, and even enhance your immune system. But Silen-switch changes gears with their Green Superfoods combination. Right here, you’ll find wheatgrass and chlorella, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

We’ll need to do more research to figure out how these superfoods can help our gut, but the potential is encouraging. So, I’ve been using Silensil for a little over a month, and I can say that I’ve started to notice a difference.

My mornings are more alert, my stomach and digestion feel calmer, and I don’t have the brain fog that I did before. Silencil isn’t the magic cure, but it does help my gut feel good. People’s bodies vary.

What works for me may not work for you. But if you’re having gut issues, Silensil is undoubtedly worth a shot. After all, a good bowel is the foundation of good health, and Silensil is likely a good way to maintain that.


What Are The Ingredients In Silencil?


Having personally tried Silencil for a full 30 days, I embarked on a detailed investigation of each ingredient and its impact on tinnitus and overall brain health. Here’s a breakdown of my findings, supported by scientific research, to assess the validity and effectiveness of Silencil’s claims:

Skullcap & Hawthorn

These are the primary ingredients touted for their anti-inflammatory properties, aimed directly at reducing brain inflammation, which is believed to be a primary cause of tinnitus. Skullcap, in particular, has been linked to neuroprotective effects in a study available on NCBI, suggesting its potential to protect and rehabilitate nerve cells. Hawthorn, on the other hand, is often used for its cardiovascular benefits, but its connection to reduced brain inflammation presents a novel approach to treating tinnitus.

Oat Straw

Another crucial component of Silencil, oat straw is praised for its ability to enhance cognitive functions and manage stress. A clinical trial highlighted its potential in improving cognitive performance in healthy individuals, shedding light on its inclusion in the Silencil formulation for mental clarity and tinnitus reduction.

Mucuna Pruriens

This ingredient is known for its rich L-Dopa content, a precursor to dopamine, which plays a significant role in mood and cognition. The research found on PubMed illustrates its antioxidant properties, providing insight into how Mucuna Pruriens could contribute to neural protection and potentially mitigate brain inflammation-related auditory issues like tinnitus.

Rhodiola Rosea

Focused on improving brain function and reducing fatigue, Rhodiola has been studied for its adaptogenic properties, making it a critical component in combating stress-related factors of tinnitus. A clinical review emphasizes its efficacy in improving symptoms of burnout, which can significantly affect cognitive functions and potentially exacerbate tinnitus symptoms.

Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and Potassium

These vitamins and minerals are essential for nerve health and cognitive function. Their inclusion in Silencil supports the brain’s neurological functions, potentially reducing tinnitus by enhancing the health of auditory pathways. Potassium, particularly, is vital for nerve signal transmission, as detailed in studies like those found on NCBI Link, suggesting its necessity in a supplement aiming to repair nerve cell damage associated with tinnitus.

GABA & L-Theanine

Both ingredients are recognized for their role in reducing anxiety and improving brain function. GABA’s involvement is critical due to its inhibitory neurotransmitter role, essential for calming neural activity, as explained in a research article on ScienceDirect. L-Theanine, often found in tea, complements GABA’s effects by promoting relaxation without sedation, as per the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, which potentially offers a two-pronged approach to mitigating the symptoms of tinnitus by reducing stress and promoting neural calmness.

Verdict: After 30 days of consistent use and thorough research into each ingredient, I endorse Silencil for its thoughtfully chosen, scientifically backed components aimed at targeting the multifaceted nature of tinnitus.

While individual results may vary, the comprehensive approach Silencil takes in addressing brain inflammation, neural health, and stress reduction makes it a promising option for those seeking relief from tinnitus and enhancing overall cognitive function.

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What Changes I Noticed After 30 Days While Using Silencil?

But here is the deal, this Silencil review is likely to feel different from most of the others you might have read, and the reason for that would be because I had taken silencil myself and tracked the progress.

The thing is, I am always somewhat skeptical of anything I put in my body, not that I have a ton of allergies or sensitivities.

I should probably mention up front that everyone reacts differently due to several factors. My primary concern was the ringing noise in my ears, which significantly diminished noticeably.

But I should also note that I tried to live as healthy as possible for these 30 days – I was eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. So, did silencil play a role? Without a doubt.

I am 45 years old and am always looking for natural options to boost my overall health and my hearing, including my brain functions.

Aside from how I felt a notable decrease in my symptoms, the combination of skullcap and hawthorn also made a difference. Most notably how my overall mental function improved. I felt like I could concentrate better and that my memory was more focused.

I will also say I am also surprised by the improvement in my sleep quality. Before, the ringing kept waking me up at night, but within a few weeks of taking silencil, I was able to sleep calmly through the night.

After 30 days of taking it, it is safe to say that taking silencil has reduced my symptoms to almost nonexistent on all three fronts.

What are the Potential Side Effects Of Silencil And Who Should Avoid It?

That being said, I haven’t had any negative reactions within these first 30 days of using Silencil. It might not be me, and it does not mean that others won’t, but I am who I am right now.

Here’s what to consider:

Skip Silencil if you are one of the caffeine devotees who can attest to terrible stomach issues that accompany caffeine intake. Silencil is made of active components that work as the ones in a simple cup of coffee. This can lead to spasms and shakes, diarrhea, or even nausea.

I think those people who have heart disease or high blood pressure should not use Silencil. Some components might influence at better or worse your heartbeats rate and blood pressure.

Caution must be exercised since studies that examine the safety profile of Silencil in these sub-groups are not detailed.

  • Children
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Individuals having any pre-existing medical ailment are more prone to getting affected.

As always, ensure to consult with your doctor before going on any new supplements, particularly if you are already suffering from any medical disorders. They can take you on the journey—from consideration to the realization that Silencil is exactly what you need.


What Are The Pros and Cons of Silencil?


  • Natural Ingredients: I find this Silencil feature to be quite important since its ingredients are all-natural. I feel like that I have made a wise choice and I am not poisoning myself by putting so many chemicals in my body.
  • Subtle Effects: Silencil has been a great help to me in that my anxiety seems to have derailed after 3 to 4 weeks of using it. It wasn’t just a lack of stamina, but a state of calming that assisted me with more elegant stress management.


  • Unclear Dosage: I failed to read the signs that were there on the package. As it is needed, I can also suggest that it be labeled.
  • Long-Term Effects: Concerning the matter of what the long-term impacts of Silencil could be, it becomes pretty difficult to indicate them. It’s an example of varying research perspectives: I’ve just used it for a month; more research is a must.

How Much Does Silencil Cost?

Silencil comes in three different bottle options:

  • 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply): $69 (discounted from $99)
  • 3 Bottles (90-Day Supply): $59 per bottle (saves $120) – Free U.S. Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (180 Day Supply): $49 per bottle (saves $300) – Free U.S. Shipping

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Here’s a quick tip: If you’re new to Silencil, the 1-bottle option might be a good place to start. But if you’re confident it works for you, then the bigger bundle packs offer the most cost savings.

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To conclude, I have both gathered thorough personal experience and delved deep into my research to support my confident recommendation of Silencil as a powerful ally against tinnitus and an upholder of general cognitive well-being.

The unquestionable quality of carefully selected and scientifically backed components that target the roots of tinnitus’s causes – brain inflammation and neural health – ground and justify my point, which presents Silencil benefits that consistently extend beyond the mere quelling of ringing in the ear.

My personal 30-day journey has provided a remarkable improvement in brain function and sleep quality and, most importantly, a hefty drop in my tinnitus’s nastier symptoms; while one should consider body-specific reactions and possible allergenic components, Silencil remains a safe, efficient, and natural solution in my case.

Silencil has been a real revelation and my life-saver in my fight against tinnitus and enhancement of cognitive function, and I believe it can become the same for you.
If you are searching for a peaceful mind in vibrant health, Silencil offers that and more – and with a risk-free money-back warranty, it is certainly worth a try.

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