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Dimension Diet: Unlock the power of nutrition with our cutting-edge dietary system. Get ready for a transformative health experience!

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Updated :Apr 6, 2024
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For a long time, I wanted to lose extra weight but did not find a good way. I tried many diets but none worked well for me long time. I lost some pounds but gained them back soon after. I felt tired and unhappy with how I looked and felt.

Then my friend told me about DimensionDiet books. She said books made healthy eating easy and recipes very tasty. DimensionDiet promises weight loss in a healthy way, more energy, and yummy nutritious meals.

They said their books gave a full plan with meal guides, recipes, and tips. Following the plan would help me lose weight without feeling hungry or missing foods I like. This sounded really good, so I decided to try DimensionDiet.

Ordering and Getting Started

Buying Dimension Diet books was simple. Their website made ordering easy. I bought all 5 books at a fair price. Books came in one week, packaged nicely.

When I opened books, I liked modern and clear design. Food photos made dishes look delicious. Recipes grouped by meal like breakfast, lunch, and dinner made planning the day easy.

Each recipe had a simple ingredient list, step-by-step instructions, and nutrition facts. This made grocery shopping and meal prep easy. Books also gave tips on portions, prepping meals ahead, and healthy swaps.

As I looked through the pages, I could picture cooking and enjoying these tasty yet healthy meals. Many recipes meant I would not get bored. Having recipes from different cultures was exciting.

With books in hand, I felt ready and motivated to start Dimension Diet. Losing weight, having more energy, and eating yummy food seemed possible. I could not wait to begin and see the results myself.

Dimension Diet


The Diet Plan and Recipes

DimensionDiet did not have one strict diet plan. Their books focused on balanced eating using simple, wholesome foods. The idea was to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Recipes used regular ingredients like vegetables, fruits, grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

The books had a wide variety of recipes for different meals. There were over 300 recipes in total across the 5 books. All recipes looked tempting with bright pictures. Dishes came from many cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Indian, and more. This made meals exciting.

I found most recipes easy to prepare using normal kitchen equipment. Ingredients were readily available at my local grocery store. Written instructions were clear and simple to follow. Preparation time was reasonable for a home-cooked meal.

Some of my favorite recipes were the veggie-packed frittata for breakfast, the hearty lentil soup for lunch, and the baked salmon with roasted potatoes for dinner. These dishes were delicious yet light and nutritious. The flavorful spice blends made ordinary ingredients taste amazing.

Results and Experiences

After following the Dimension Diet for 3 months, I lost 15 pounds steadily without ever feeling deprived. My energy levels increased and I felt more alert throughout the day. My clothes fit better and I felt lighter on my feet.

The biggest challenge was being consistent, especially on weekends. But I allowed myself an indulgence meal so I didn’t feel restricted. Having tempting recipes made it easier to stay on track.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Dimension Diet. The recipes were tasty yet nutritious, so I enjoyed the food and felt satisfied. Meal planning was simple and I saved time by batch cooking. The weight loss was gradual but sustainable without excessive hunger.

I appreciated that Dimension Diet promoted making lifestyle changes at a steady pace, rather than an extreme, unsustainable diet. With diverse recipes and helpful tips, it equipped me with tools for long-term healthy eating habits. I feel I can continue this way of eating forever.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Dimension Diet


  • Effective for steady weight loss without feeling deprived
  • Recipes were healthy yet delicious and satisfying
  • Lots of variety in recipes from different cuisines
  • Books had clear instructions and were user-friendly
  • Promoted sustainable lifestyle changes rather than a crash diet


  • May lack enough guidance for complete beginners
  • Recipe books can get expensive if buying all 5
  • No dedicated app or online support community




Overall, I would highly recommend Dimension Diet to anyone looking to lose weight gradually while developing healthy eating habits for life. The program is simple yet effective by making nutritious meals tasty and enjoyable.

The books provide a solution for busy individuals or families who want to eat better without spending excessive time on meal prep. The diverse recipes can satisfy different tastes while nourishing the body.

Those with dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan can also benefit as the books mark those recipes clearly. However, complete beginners may need additional hand-holding initially.

My advice would be to start with just 1-2 Dimension Diet books based on your preferences. Dive into the recipes, find your favorites, and build a routine. You can always add more books later for extra variety. But don’t be overwhelmed initially.

Stick with it through the first few weeks, allowing yourself an indulgence occasionally. Once you experience how satisfying and flavorful healthy eating can be, you’ll be motivated to continue this lifestyle long-term.

Dimension Diet is not a quick-fix or extreme regimen. It’s an education in making sustainable food choices while enjoying the journey. If you approach it patiently yet consistently, you’ll be rewarded with gradual, lasting results.

For those inspired to further tailor their fitness and nutrition journey, exploring Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover Plan offers another comprehensive approach to achieving personal health goals, complementing the principles embraced by the Dimension Diet.

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    Sarah Johnson April 9, 2024

    Lost 10lbs without feeling deprived

    I recently tried the Dimension Diet and was blown away by the variety and flavor of the recipes! Lost 10lbs without feeling deprived at all.


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