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  • foster carers

    Family & Parenting

    4 Reasons to Foster with an Independent Agency

    Once upon a time, all children coming in to the care system were placed within the Local Authority (LA) system. However, it became apparent that LA’s simply couldn’t cope with the demand. To give some idea, 90 children are... Read More

  • preparing to start a family read this first

    Family & Parenting

    Preparing to Start a Family? Read this First

    With all the joy and anticipation that comes with starting a family, having a child also marks one of the most substantial financial changes in parents’ lives. Your sense of responsibility increases and your priorities change. Along these lines,... Read More

  • habits-that-improve-your-focus-1

    Family & Parenting

    5 Habits that Improve Your Focus at Home and Work

    Everyone wants to be the most efficient and productive person they can be, but distractions are more than abundant in our day-to-day lives. Science has now confirmed the fact that our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish. But... Read More

  • Early Midlife Crises

    Family & Parenting

    Millennials Are Having Early Midlife Crises

    We’ve all heard about or are familiar with the concept of the midlife crisis. The dreaded midlife crisis usually occurs when you’re well over thirty-five, and could actually cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, millennials seem to be experiencing their... Read More

  • Parenting Guidelines

    Family & Parenting

    Should You Tutor Your Own Kid or Hire A Tutor

    Parenting Guidelines:In this highly competitive environment, parents won’t mind to go extra miles to ensure their children get the best of education. Parents fight to enrol their children to the best private school, even if the cost is higher.... Read More

  • parenting teenager

    Family & Parenting

    Parenting teenagers | How to deal with negative attitude of your child

    Raising a child could be the most wonderful role you’ll ever have to perform in your lifetime but, nobody said it was ever going to be easy. It will never be a walk in the park for mothers and... Read More

  • Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

    Family & Parenting

    Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca quotes, “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer”. Do you get busy in life and have no time to spare with your beloved spouse?... Read More

  • Parenting In Digital Age

    Family & Parenting

    Parenting Guidelines | Expert advice for parenting in digital age

    Parenting Guidelines | Expert advice for parenting in digital age Based on the 2017 Global Digital Report prepared by We Are Social, more than half of the world’s 7.476 billion people are now using the Internet in various ways.... Read More

  • how-to-get-child-to-listen-without-yelling

    Family & Parenting

    How To Get Child To Listen Without Yelling? | Parenting Advice

    Shouting at the top of your lungs will not help you change your child’s bad behavior, according to experts who have attempted to find out how yelling affects a child. The studies show that the effect can backfire on... Read More

  • Family & Parenting

    Is Feeding Your Picky Toddler Hard Task? Well Mommies Try These 14 Tips

    Babies grow rapidly during the first year of life and will triple their birth weight by one year. The energy demands for toddlers are less, as their growth rate slows down after their first birthday. There is a decrease... Read More

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