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5 Best and Worst Arguments Against Marijuana Legalization

There are two sides of the coin in any arguments. The legalization of marijuana is a hot issue right now. Sine there are a lot of groups fighting for its legalization, it is best to take a look at some of the best and worst points that the anti-legalization side has to say.

Best Arguments:

  1. Not enough scientific evidences. The states that until now, the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have not found any evidences of “smoked” marijuana having enough capacity for effective medicinal outcome for any condition.
  2. It will be more accessible to children. If it becomes legalized, adults will use it in the open. Children will see it and they will imitate the adults. Just like alcohol and cigarette, it will become easily accessible to children too.
  3. Why legalize another dangerous substance. Pro-marijuana groups argue that the substance should be legalized, since alcohol, which is more dangerous is legal. Anti-legalization groups ask, why make matters worse?Pro-marijuana groups

Worst Arguments

  1. Legalizing marijuana will create anarchy. A lot of people argue, especially in social media sites, that if marijuana is legalized, stoners will wreak havoc in the streets.
  2. Marijuana is just like heroine. Anti-legalization groups argue that marijuana is as dangerous and addictive as heroine.

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