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Separating Facts from Fiction for Celebrity Big Brother 2016 Series

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Last Updated: Jan 3, 2018

Reality TV has become a big hit over the last several years. While there are many programs that fit into this category one that gained popularity quickly is Celebrity Big Brother. This is a British production that took its roots from the Big Brother Dutch Show that was produced in 1997 by John de Mol.

Celebrity Big Brother involves following a group of housemates who have been isolated from the rest of the world. This group is comprised of celebrities who were chosen to participate. As the show progresses, each week, one of the contestants is eliminated from the program, which is based on the vote of the viewing audience. The last celebrity remaining in the custom house where all this takes place is declared the winner.

The 2016 summer season is about to start and fans of Celebrity Brother just can’t wait to see who’s in the lineup. The official launch date for this new series is July 28th starting at 9PM on Channel 5.

Now the next big question on the minds of many is who are going to be the exciting participants for this next stint on the show to woo the audience?

What about Ceclia Kay?

One of the equally intriguing rumor about who is to join the house line up is Ceclia Kay. You may remember her as one time girlfriend of footballer Olivier Giroud. It appears that the show would love to have her as a participant with the thought that her sharing of her love story would add some drama.

Could it be Katie Waissel?

Katie Waissel
Strong indications are that Katie Waissel from X Factor will be one of them. However, those who represent Katie are adamantly denying this. A show source let it be known that Katie would certainly add some spice to the show, as she appears to be a somewhat controversial character based on her participation in the X Factor.

Is Tulisa Interested?

Now going beyond the cloaked rumors, ones that seem to be able to be counted on a little more as being factual begins with Tulisa. It is no secret that this 27 year old singer celeb is ready to re-launch her career. Perhaps a stint on the CBB show would be the ideal way to do this, especially if she were to come out as the winner.

The show has offered Tulisa £500,000 to be in this upcoming season’s house line-up. At the moment it must be remembered that this is just an offer and there is no confirmation that Tulisa has accepted it. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the biggest offers the show has made, so this truly shows just how badly they want her.

How About Chloe Khan?

One celebrity that doesn’t appear to be hiding in the bush in regards to their participation in the CBB summer edition is Chloe Khan. Chloe is remembered for her failure on the X Factor but is believed to be the one that can add the sex to the CBB group this season.

Is the Name Renne Graziano Surfacing?

There are reports floating around that Renee Graziano from Mob Wives will be joining the show. If so, then you can surely expect sparks to fly when this gal wants to express herself and set things straight.

What! Lady Colin Campbell?

One celebrity that is quite candid about participating in this upcoming CBB series is Lady Colin Campbell. Lady Colin will not confirm that it has been decided upon as yet, but has indicated that she is open to offers. She is known as being an outspoken socialite and let’s face it, if she were to face off with Renee Graziano in the series no doubt viewers would be glued to their seats.

Is Helen Flanagan a Might Be?

Helen Flanagan

When it comes to looking for contestants that would certainly be a show stopper with their looks then Helen Flanagan could not be passed up. Of course, there is up front denial. Helen has denied the rumors that she would become one of the participants. The timing is right though, as it’s been indicated that now her daughter is growing up, it would be the ideal time for Helen to re-enter the celebrity world. Helen gained her celeb status from playing the role of Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, as well as her appearance on I’m a Celebrity. Double Trouble with Chris Steed and Stephen Webb?

Rumor has it that Channel Five has their eyes set on Chris Steed and Stephen Webb. If this pair was to join the show, then it could mean they would have to give up Google Box. Perhaps the hefty check that Channel Five has reportedly offered them would be enough of an enticement to do so.

Considering Ben Innes?

Ben Innes who is known for the “the selfie of a lifetime” has apparently been lined up as a participant.

Is Michaella McCollum a Possibility?

Not all celebrities considered for the show have become famed celebs because of looks or talent. One rumor has it that Michaella McCollum may be in the lineup. No doubt this will be a much better atmosphere being confined to a custom built house compared to the 2 plus years she spend in jail. This was in respect to her participation as a Peru drug mule.

Is Marnie Simpson Being Called Upon?

Marnie Simpson is another potential candidate for CBB. As the star of Geordie Shore it is reported that Marnie has already been signed up for this next CBB series.

So there you have the most current list of potentials for this soon to start Celebrity Big Brother series. No matter what the final lineup is, you are not going to want to miss one single episode.

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