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Kristen Stewart’s Personal Life Isn’t a Secret Anymore

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Last Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Millions of Kristen Stewart’s male fans who’ve always dreamt of building a relationship with that beauty got seriously upset because Kristen had publicly confirmed her relationship with Alicia Cargile. A twenty-six-year-old actress and a thirty-year-old visual producer rekindled the spark in their romance after a one-year time-out. They’ve appeared together at the Cannes Film Festival this year right after Kristen’s breakup with a French musician and actress Soko. A bit later, she had given interviews in a variety of popular magazines and brought light to the darkest corners of her personal life. Read the article and you’ll have an opportunity to discover a lot of interesting facts about Kristen Stewart’s personal life and finally, understand what has moved a popular actress to change her sexual orientation.

1. Heterosexual Experience

Unlike other lesbians, Kristen had at least once entered into a long-lasting heterosexual relationship, before getting on the path to lesbianism. At first, she dated the Twilight star Robert Pattison. Despite their engagement and serious intentions to get married, they never got that far, due to Kristen’s adultery with the film’s producer, Rupert Sanders. Her relationship with Rupert didn’t last long. As a result, she came to a conclusion that relationships with men weren’t for her, because they couldn’t light the spark of happiness in her eyes. She said that her love affairs with men often turned into triviality and torture. She couldn’t open up, express her genuine feelings and enjoy life with them. But everything changed for the better when she started dating women.

2. Her Cooperation With Alicia Ripened Into a Deeper Feeling

Alicia Ripened

The relationship between Kristen and Alicia started from a simple cooperation in January 2015. At first, Alicia worked as Kristen’s personal assistant, but a bit later they became best friends. In recent years, it has become obvious that their hearts had a bond that went beyond their friendship. They weren’t embarrassed to hug and hold each other’s hands in public. Later they moved in together and started living under the same roof. However, in spite of all of that, Kristen went on denying any relationship with Alicia and asked the press to stop messing with her personal life. But her mom’s public endorsement of her daughter’s bisexual lifestyle had opened up the public’s eyes on the truth and removed all doubts.

3. One Year Time-out Only Strengthened Their Love

Unfortunately, their cohabitation gave birth to controversy and cast a shadow over the prospect of developing their relationship. Kristen had decided that she and Alicia were moving too fast. That’s why she threw up the white flag and took a one-year time-out in her relationship with Alicia.

But there’s another version of what happened in their relationship. Some of their friends consider that it was Alicia, who decided to take a temporary break from Kristen. According to their point of view, Kristen’s desire to make her relationship with Alicia public put her girlfriend out of temper, because she was kind of a private person.

In March 2016, Kristen got a thing going on with a French singer Soko, but their romance didn’t last long. In a few months, Kristen’s and Alicia’s paths crossed again. As we see, neither one year of separation nor a cycle of breakups and getbacks put an end to their feelings. On the contrary, they proved them that they’d to be together regardless of everything.

4. Positive Dynamics in Their Relationship

Alicia Cargile and Kristen Stewart

It seems that the current relationship between Alicia Cargile and Kristen Stewart has reached a new level. Kristen’s decision to introduce Alicia to her dad proves that their love is still strong and intentions are serious. Both her mother and father treat Alicia as a member of their family. Her parents aren’t opposed to Kristen’s lesbian relationship because they’re tolerant and open-minded personalities, who respect their daughter’s choice and sincerely want her to be happy. They believe that modern people have the right to fall in love and build relationships with anyone.

5. Kristen Won’t Keep Her Sexual Orientation Under Seven Seals Anymore

In one of her last interviews, Kristen admitted that keeping her lesbian relationship with Alicia in secret was an extremely difficult thing. That secrecy had a detrimental effect on her emotional well-being and sometimes even made her feel inferior. That’s why Kristen decided to get that off her chest and tell the whole world that her heart belonged to Alicia Cargile only. She pointed out that public confirmation of that relationship had helped her overcome various emotional barriers and feel the happiest woman in the world. She told that she had always been interested in relationships with women. Kristen also underlined that she would like to become an active member of the LGBT Community in a quite short period of time. She wholeheartedly believes that this movement plays an incredibly important role in the life of millions of people with non-conventional views.

Kristen Stewart is an unbelievably confident, self-sufficient and brave woman, who knows what she wants out of life. Not everyone can publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation. Now her private life isn’t a secret, but it’s not a problem for Kristen anymore.

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