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10 Non-traditional Sexy Wedding Dresses

Sexy, body-hugging dresses aren’t the trend for wedding ceremonies these days. But with the right additional details with a sprinkle of non-conventional twist of silhouette, you will look both dramatic and fashionable.

  1. Sequin Overlay. With the use of sequin, you can reveal the right amount of skin as the light goes through your dress.11 1
  2. Sharp Angles. Lines and geometry themes wrapped tightly on your body can make you look breathtaking.11 2
  3. Alternative Art Deco. This is a collaboration of silhouette style with see through fabrics and skin-hugging designs. 11 3
  4. Shimery Crop Top. It fits just right, shows enough skin and most of all it shimmers.11 4
  5. Organza Layers. Layered outfit, if done right, always steals the show.11 5
  6. Graphic Lace Details. The lace designs in this dress can easily attract attention.11 6
  7. Beaded Cowl Neckline. This is cleavage with style and class.11 7
  8. Dramatic Drop Waist. The waist design is fashionable and striking at the same time.11 8
  9. Floral Embellishment Peplum. Weddings and floral designs come hand in hand.11 9
  10. Ultra Luxe Cape. If you want to look like a royalty, you should wear a cape. But it must be luxurious and classy to avoid looking awkward.11 10

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