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Top 10 Must-Have Pokémon Items for Pokémon Go Lovers

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Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Are you a fan of Pokémon? Do you want for other Pokémon Go players to be envious of the gear you are carrying? If your answer to either of these two questions is yes, do not hesitate to keep on reading. In the paragraphs below, you will discover the top 10 must-have Pokémon items, so that you are easily spotted by other Pokémon Go players. Enjoy your read and do not hesitate to go shopping as you soon as you possibly can.

#1 Pikachu Canvas Backpack

Pikachu Canvas

Pokémon Go will have you traveling quite a lot around town, so it makes sense you will need suitable gear. The Pikachu canvas backpack is the ideal travel accessory for all players out there, yourself included. You can store your essentials in the backpack, having the time of your life, while you are seeking for Pokémon in urban areas and not only.

#2 Pokémon hat

With summer in full bloom, you might have to spend a lot of time in the sun, seeking out to catch Pokémon. If you really want to show your passion, you should consider purchasing this great Pokémon hat. Wearing such an accessory, you will definitely feel more motivated to reach the next level and impress everyone with your experience.

#3 Pokémon Eeveelution Earrings

Pokémon Eeveelution Earrings

Well, girls, if you love jewelry, you will surely love these Pokémon Eeveelution Earrings as well. Each pack has no less than six pairs, one more exciting than the other. If you are a fan of Pokémon, you are probably familiar with the Eevee eeveelutions. These earring pairs include Espeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Vaporeon.

#4 Kohl’s Pokémon Button-Front Shirt

There is no better way to demonstrate to others you are passionate about Pokémon, than by wearing clothes with a similar motif. Kohl’s Pokémon Button-Front Shirt is the ideal product for summer wear, helping you look stylish and fun at the same time. Easily paired with a short pair of jeans and sandals, makes up for a great outfit.

#5 Pokeball Wall Clock

With Pokémon Go, you are on a quest, going from one location to the other, in search of Pokémon. Well, as time is of the essence, it is only natural you should have a Pokeball Wall Clock in your home. This amazing accessory not only looks great but it can help you keep track of time and stay on the right path, reaching your daily objectives.

#6 Pokémon Master Ball iPhone Case

Pokémon Master Ball

If you are really serious about your passion for Pokémon Go, you should show it to everyone. By choosing the Pokémon Master Ball iPhone Case, you will easily let everyone know that you are genuinely passionate about this game. Plus, this iPhone case looks quite cool, suggesting that you are just as cool.

#7 Pokeball Lunch Box

The lunch period is the most important moment of the day, as this is when everyone gathers and talks about their own Pokémon adventures. The Pokeball Lunch Box is the ideal accessory in which you can carry your lunch, demonstrating to other people that you are really serious about your passion. Forget about the classic lunch box or the uninteresting paper bag, go for this amazing choice today.

#8 WOWcosplay Pokémon Pikachu Onesie

Pokémon Pikachu Onesie
The WOWcosplay Pokémon Pikachu Onesie is perfect for outdoor Pokémon Go experiences but also for lounging around the house. It is made from comfortable materials and has front caps, for easy on and off. You decide whether you would like to wear it inside or outside, while hunting for Pokémon.

#9 Pokémon Gym Tee

This amazing T-shirt has a genuinely interesting message on it, with a cleverly hidden Pokeball. Even if you do not go to the gym every day, you will still impress others with your choice of T-shirts. Moreover, the T-shirt will definitely attract the attention of other Pokémon Go enthusiasts.

#10 Pokémon Umbreon Slippers

Pokémon Umbreon Slippers

What better place to enjoy your passion for Pokémon and everything related to it than in the comfort of your own home? Choose the Pokémon Umbreon Slippers and you will experience the best comfort of your feet. These look and feel great, being a great match to the above-mentioned Pikachu Onesie.


These are only a couple of Pokémon products that you can use and/or wear, demonstrating to others how passionate you really are about Pokémon Go and everything related to it. As it is clear, there are many more products out there that you can purchase, including other T-shirts, Pokémon panties and so on. Do not hesitate to take your passion to a completely new level and impress others with your Pokémon-inspired purchases. The great advantage is that these products are not only cool but they are also quite functional, being useful for everyday life not just for catching Pokémon for fun.

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