• Relationships

    How Smartphones Can Wreck Your Relationship?

    A study from Daily Mail shows that already 75% of women have confirmed the ability of smartphones to ruin relationships. Owning a Smartphone has become a basic need in the world bringing communication as simple as possible. In addition,... Read More

  • Millennials Changed Dating Forever


    How Millennials Changed Dating Forever?

    Every generation has its own “thing”, and that includes the special way they enter and stay in relationships. Baby boomers, for instance, are, as a generation, goal-centric and resourceful – just some of the reasons why they wanted to... Read More

  • Remember After You Get Married


    Things You Should Always Remember After You Get Married

    Despite the fact that people say life is easy, happy marriage is a whole science. We usually find it out when we take a plunge into a married life. Unfortunately, many couples can’t achieve harmony and mutual understanding in... Read More

  • Modest Sport Couples


    9 Modest Sport Couples, You Must Know About!

    It’s not surprising that some people end up hooking up while engaging on an exercise program either to shed some pounds, advance in sporting career or for the sake of maintaining a healthy physique. Majority of elite athletes invest... Read More

  • Truly Romantic Love Story of Drake and Rihanna


    The Truly Romantic Love Story of Drake and Rihanna

    The relationship of these celebrities has always been full of mystery and secrets. It can be compared with a roller-coaster because the spark between them is quite erratic that keeps igniting and fading away. Such sort of intrigue has... Read More

  • Love Story of Kath and Vince


    Remarkable Love Story of Kath and Vince You Must Hear About

    Have you been wondering why everyone on social media is fixated with the love story of Kath and Vince? It’s been trending in the past few weeks with many people expressing their curiosity to find about the progress of... Read More

  • Relationship Lessons From Rashida Jones


    Remarkable Relationship Lessons From Rashida Jones

    Rashida Jones is an adorable writer, actor and producer who is based West Hollywood. Being a daughter of musician Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Rashida, a Harvard graduate in religion and philosophy who once hoped of becoming a judge... Read More

  • Spark Back Your Relationship


    Effective Ways on How to Spark Back Your Relationship

    A spark in the relationship between a man and a woman is a wonderful and magic thing that runs through their veins, makes their hearts beat faster and lights the fire of love and relationship within. Unfortunately, all good... Read More

  • Manage Your Relationship


    How to Manage Your Relationship in a New Country?

    It’s pretty common for travelers to initiate new relationships, experience relationship break-ups or date different people when they move into new countries. Sometimes, it can be tricky while juggling relationships and the commitments behind their travel, though it is... Read More

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan


    Delve into The Love Story of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

    Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest modern billionaires whose life and love story show us that nothing is impossible and love has no barriers. It’s hard to believe that a beautiful, unbelievably rich, self-sufficient and highly successful man... Read More