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iGrow Gives You A Fuller, Thicker And Healthier Looking Hair

Hair loss and thinning is something that most of us dread, more so because it results in an appearance that makes one to lose self-esteem. If you are a victim, there’s good news for you. There’s a brand new device sold by Natural Body and Skin that can helps rejuvenate hair. The iGrow hand-free laser LED light therapy device helps re-grow hair while at the same time slows down the hair loss process.

iGrow is a private home hair growth system that is fully portable, easy to use and requires no manual movement. The device uses Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) technology that utilizes a combination of LED light and red laser diodes to energize and stimulate cellular activity that causes an uptake in the natural function of your hair follicle, and promotes the proliferation of thick, full and healthier hair.

On purchase you will be provided with accessories such as a remote control and its cable, auxiliary cable that you can use with MP3 player or any other media, a universal AC adapter and a user manual.

The device is clinically proven, meaning it is safe and effective. It is equipped with MP3/iPod interface and headphones to keep you entertained while using it. The headphones extend and retract to custom fit any head size. This LLLT system delivers significant hair growth for those who are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, a genetic-based hair loss or thinning.

Hair Loss or Thinning

Hair growth using this technology is not a one time fix for hair loss. It is something that will require dedication as you will have to do it repeatedly at intervals to get and maintain good results. You can do between 3 and 4 session every week for between 20 and 25 minutes. The results may take up to 6 months to achieve. And once the hair growth has been achieved, there should be an ongoing maintenance schedule of 1-2 sessions per week to maintain the new growth. This will keep the hair looking fuller, healthier, and more vibrant.

Who can benefit from this treatment? Medical experts specializing in hair loss are in agreement that that the treatment should be based on proper diagnosis of the cause of the hair loss or thinning. LLLT is highly effective in those suffering from androgenetic alopecia, a genetic hair loss condition. And it is very effective to those with minimal to moderate hair loss. Responses may vary from individual to individual and the results also vary.

The device currently goes for $695 and shipping is absolutely free!

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